Kiba teaching Hinata and Shino how to do household chores.

Shino doesn’t put fabric softener in with the towels. Hinata doesn’t put oil in the pan the first time she tries to make eggs. ‘Go sit in your dork corner and knit’ Kiba growls as he puts the pan in the sink to soak and tries to undo the well meaning damage his team mates have accidentally wrought.

Kiba knows heaps abt chores. He’s probably been making his own academy lunch since he was 10. Has to sweep his own room. His job to take out the rubbish and the recycling every other day. Brings the washing in and hangs more up. Has to help Hana make their food when his mother starts taking longer missions again.

As he got older he probably started doing more. Ironed his own clothes. Made dinner while Hana studied for her vet classes. Fed all the dogs when his mother slept for the first time in like three days and Hana had early morning classes.

'If we go to my house we gotta be quiet because my mama's sleeping.' 'It better not fucking rain I got washing on the line.' 'I hope Hana remembered to take some meat out for dinner.' - common sayings by Inuzuka Kiba that Hinata never understands probably


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  • Netflix is going to toss in French audio for the episodes along with English audio for countries which did not have access to it. No ETA.
  • Ankama is aware of issues with the English audio and are looking into it. No promises.
  • Kickbackers get access to the Special Episodes/OVA.
  • Screenshots of the first episode, Throne of Ice.

When can I start throwing my creditcard at the screen so I can buy the Specials DVD WITH English subtitles, Ankama? I WANT IT!!

I want an answer so I can soothe my waiting of despair T^T


 1920s au

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