there’s a person i’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

the-sarcastic-anglophile asked:

Jemma Simmons + favorite body wash scent

According to Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons smells like vanilla and comfort. Skye would like to point out (to literally everyone) that he said that once. For real. Those exact words. 

(Alcohol might have been involved). 

Headcanon Ask!

She’s gonna wash his vest for him… yes she did say she is going to wash it..

I’ve read far too many headconons about this to not squee stuppidly  about the idea of that..

every hour i spend at my minimum wage lowest possible respect trash job, the more i hate capitalism and it’s effects on the working class. especially now working at a chinese/japanese restaurant, where a majority of the staff can’t speak english, and grab this job because it’s all they can get. some of this work is super demeaning, and with the increase of costs of everything (ayooo, product of capitalism), the $9.10 an hour most of these employees make is not enough. not enough to provide for their families/extended families, and not enough to justify reaching your hand all the way down the grease trap and scooping up rotten meat.

the other job’s i’ve had have been very cuddly in comparison. cashiering and retail in structured businesses. though i still don’t like how it works, it beats feeling like a literal cog in the machine. i hate to sound so millennial entitlement, but i have so much more to give to the world then washing dishes at a maniac pace to keep the discount orange chicken flowing into lincoln city tourists’ mouths, and i am giving more to the world. this is only temporary for me. i move to los angeles this month. i can quit whenever i want, because this is just a disposable job for me to raise a few more bucks to last me while i job search in LA, and make music and art and create a cool life for myself. but for a lot of these people, it’s not, and grease trap is the end of the road for career opportunities in these small towns, and that’s super sad. these people are tired! if you’re buying $6 sushi, just chill for a second, and don’t go in complaining to the manager about the wait. i know there’s a hot old navy sale to get to, but it’s also customer reactions like this that force management to push their workers to their exhaustion.

destroy capitalism forever.

I hear your pain, my friend, and I have known it all too well, so I offer you this: it is only your own hopes and expectations that you are holding onto, and that are holding onto you. It’s not really him, not really her. They’ve shown you who and what they are; believe them. Don’t fall into repeating the pattern out of loneliness.  Cry for dreams lost and then let them go. Let. Them. Go. Wash yourself clean in the waters of Reality and begin to flow again. The whole wide world is waiting for you with open arms, always, already, right now.
—  The Mystical Lion

i was going to wash my face and while i was letting the water run, i looked into the drain and saw a tiny furled up piece of paper. so i shut the water off, reached down into the drain, and tried to scoop out the paper as best i could without breaking it. turns out it was a fortune cookie fortune !! and it said “Your wisdom will keep you away from dangers.”

that is easily the most foreboding thing i’ve seen all year so far