When we first decided to introduce Saturday Self Love as a new weekly feature, I was ecstatic! After years & years of horrible self esteem, I’ve been trying to plant little seedlings of self love inside my head, hoping they’ll flourish enough for my little ones to see. What better way to teach them to love themselves & their bodies, than by showing them exactly how it’s done?

One way that I have been cultivating love for myself is via cosmetics. I’ve been working hard to remember to keep up with my face washing routine, & to go along with that, I’ve been trying to not leave the house without a little bit of sprucing up. I love doing a full face of makeup, but I don’t really have the time for that with the two littles! So, I’ve incorporated some basics into my routine before rushing out of the house. 

All I do is a little eyebrow definition, mascara, & use a tinted lip balm. That’s it! I keep the tinted lip balm with me through out the day to keep it fresh, but the rest of it stays put for the whole day. I’ve been encouraging my boyfriend to do a little bit of the same before we go out. His thing has become mustache wax & beard balms/oils. He now never leaves the house without putting in some beard oil! Under the cut, I’ll include a list of some of our favorite products!

These short, little things help us feel a little more put together & human before we leave the house. 

- Jes (sugarsnailsandacurlytail)

Do you have any ways that you take care of yourself before you leave the house? Something that gives you just enough of a pick-me-up before venturing out into public? Share with us by submitting or tagging with #saturdayselflove

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manbun-p00nslayer submitted: I went to a fancy restaurant for the first time ever. After finishing my business I went to go wash my hands. I saw this pump and started pumping it into my hands. Noticing that it wasn’t exactly sticking to my hands, I kept pumping and eventually got to the point where I was pumping furiously with all of my might. Then an older gentleman walks into the bathroom and gives me a look. It is then that I realize that this is mouth wash and feel like a complete idiot in front of this guy. That is when I decided it was time for me to leave.


So basically this is my wash & go.

Before I went home for summer vacation I was ridiculously busy and out of hair products. I figured I would just have to wear my hair out (which I usually hate to do). 

I was surprised that I actually liked wearing my hair out this time, I still have a lot of shrinkage but my curls look healthier!

So basically it’s now go to lazy hair, after doing it the first day I would put my hair in two puffs then my head scarf. In the morning I could just shake my hair out and go. (If it needed refreshing I spritzed it with water and added some gel.)