SINS OF OUR FATHERS - The Final Update!

Superbia, Invidia, Gula, Acedia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Ira; Annatar and Celebrimbor have exhausted the Seven Deadly Sins, and now at last we come to their ultimatum.

Ch. 8- VANAGLORIA, in which their litany of sins must come to completion.

But before anyone dives for a link I feel I should stress: this chapter is NSFW. 
Slow down, read it again: N S F W. Trigger warnings? Um, all of the trigger warnings, but particularly torture and non-con. Seriously, it’s brutal even for what I typically write, so if you’re not feeling up to it then turn around now and pretend this story has a happy ending. 

But for those who will brave it, thank you for reading! I really hope you have enjoyed the series and I desperately hope that you will enjoy the finale, and I’d love to know what you all think of it please don’t kick me out of the fandom so ENJOY <3

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here are two things that I just did:
- I went to the kitchen and pretended like I was going to wash out my water bottle, but instead I quietly opened the cookie package and took one and hid it in the waistband of my skirt so they wouldn’t see that I was talking one.. but then my dad stopped me to ask me about these donuts my mom bought on Wednesday and it was taking so long! and I could feel the cookie slipping down and I knew If I didn’t leave soon it would fall out.. so I said “I have to wash my hands” and I went to the bathroom and just put the whole thing in my mouth and I ate it while I was washing my hands and some of the chocolate chips melted and left marks on my skin
- I got a free sample of sunscreen today and I was reading it and it says that it feels clean and light, leaves skin soft, and doesn’t clog pores.. and so I put it on my face just to see if that was true. and now it’s later and it is true 9_9

Okey dokey then :) I won’t say family, friends or pets since those are all a given…

- Songs that remind me of certain times in my life.
- Seeing somebody go out of their way to help a person they don’t know.
- Being in my garden on a warm, sunny day.
- Climbing into a bed that has freshly washed linen.
-  Going for long walks in winter when the snow has just fallen.

So one of the things I noticed about the conversation between Sharkface and Price was this:

Sharkface asked him if he’d kill the people who ruined his life if he had the chance and Price said that, if it would give him his life back, he would

  • He can’t kill the Director for very obvious reasons and Carolina, Wash and Epsilon were just as much victims of Project Freelancer as he was
  • The remaining ‘Insurrectionists’ were just soldiers for hire that happened to be employed by Charon, so they were victims too

Logically, that means there’s only one person left from the Freelancer arc that could really be considered an orchestrator for his life falling into disarray

That person is former Oversight Subcommittee Chairperson and Charon Industries CEO, Malcolm Hargrove


Hey guys I know some of you are having trouble finding natural hair products that work well, so I decided to rec some for you guys! These products work great on my hair(4a/4b) and I hope they work great for yours too! These products worked great for me for twist outs, bantu knots, wash-n-go’s, braid outs, and more. All of these products were purchased at my local beauty supply store, and the prices range from $2-$30 ☺️. Good luck and I hope this was helpful!

1) Shea Moisture

•restorative conditioner

•moisture retention shampoo

•extra moisture detangler

•curling gel soufflé

2) AU Naturale: Moisture L.O.C

•lock it in sealing cream

•super quench leave in spray

•sulfate free cleansing shampoil

•deep conditioning delight

•soak it up oil cocktail

3) Suave Moroccan Aragon Oil

•shine shampoo

•shine conditioner

•moisturizing light oil spray

4) AU Naturale: Anti-Shrinkage

•coil moisturizing soufflé

•knot out conditioner

•sheen sealing nectar

•10-in-1 styles gelee

5) Beautiful Textures

•tangle taming leave-in conditioner

•curl definer mousse

6) Cantu

•moisturizing curl activator cream

•leave in conditioning repair cream

7) As I Am

•curling jelly

•moisture milk

•cocoshea spray

8) One n’ Only Argan Oil

•spray treatment

•restorative mask

•curl cream

9) OGX

•B5 shampoo

•B5 conditioner

10) **My Extras

•OGX: coconut milk

•Trader Joes: organic virgin coconut oil

•Beauty Supply: Argan Oil

•Organic Olive Oil edge control

The length of a spoonie shower is not determined by how long it takes to wash your hair or shave your legs, nor by how long you want to relax in the hot water.

The length of a spoonie shower is determined by how long you can stand up without dying.


So basically this is my wash & go.

Before I went home for summer vacation I was ridiculously busy and out of hair products. I figured I would just have to wear my hair out (which I usually hate to do). 

I was surprised that I actually liked wearing my hair out this time, I still have a lot of shrinkage but my curls look healthier!

So basically it’s now go to lazy hair, after doing it the first day I would put my hair in two puffs then my head scarf. In the morning I could just shake my hair out and go. (If it needed refreshing I spritzed it with water and added some gel.)