hostilecole asked:

all of them

“✉” a text that wasn’t sent. 

"It has been days now since I last heard your voice. You´re not even trying.. And I feel like I am falling apart and there is nothing I can do… You´re a part of me.. I am where you are.. I know that now…"

“☎” a rushed text. 

"You said milk or bread? Oh… People talking to me. Stop texting. Wait.. I´m wha-."

“⁇” a drunk text. 

"I just watched The faults in our stars. And Thge bottle of Jack is kinba gone. Can i text ok_ I dnt kno. See they tried and he died and it wasb better, you really needed to watch that. it would make sense. you just made a stupid ass. Bigg ass. like anaconda dont ass decision.. What wqas I on about_ oh love. anacondas. Love you but hate you"

“ø” a late night text. 

"It´s like I am tearing the walls apart. I´m sitting here in the trailer, wiritng this stupid text that you rpobably won´t even read. I just… I looked at the pictures of us in the fair… And… I just wanted to ask, to know… Why… Why did it ened like that… I just.. i don´t get it. What did I do wrong to deserve that? Did you ever think that maybe.. Maybe you´d come home? that someone would find a cure… What then… Why can´t I even say goodbye?

“✘” a hateful text.

"I hate you so much. I hate the fact that you thought breaking up with me would make things better for you. That lettign em thing those horrible things which I never really did in the first palce…I can´t´believe how stupid you are! How dumb can you be to think. you are an absolute selfish prick. All you think about is you. Or you think you are always right. Well not this fucking time. I am full of hate. and you know what? mostly I hate you because after all that I still love you."

wrhghghh i knew going home would be a bad idea i broke my fast earlier today with some hazelnut tea which i ended up vomiting anyway bc it upset my stomach so i didn’t care much but then i snuck home so i could have fun dank times with pals tomorrow and ofc i ended up binGING even though i wasb’t hungry at all i still had to have porridge and a cracker and half a fruit bun and some of my brother’s crappy takeaway noodles wtf i was doing fine this is so dumb i don’t even have a problem i don’t feel terribly guilty about binging i’m just ratched off because i wasn’t strong enough to continue

earlier I started scratching my hand cause I feel shitty but I wasb doing it unconsciously and didn’t realize it I was totally spacesd out and dino had to stop me when my skin started to flake off and now I feel worse

What Happened in Your Dream?

I dream a lot—every night, actually, and I used to remember my dreams. Several times, I dreamed about the pregnancy of my little sister.

My little sister had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and I used to dream about her baby.

I liked to dream about that because I always felt good when I woke up. That’s because she wasbe happy but also because I enjoyed becoming aunt for the first time.

The fact is that in my dreams, my little sister has a boy each time.

That’s why I began to believe that her future baby could be a little boy. Actually, she has been pregnant now for 4 months. We talk about that together. She believes it may be a girl. I think it’s because my brother in law wants a girl. However, I didn’t dream about her pregnancy since she got pregnant. It must not be a prophetic dream! We will know soon if my dreams will come true.