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My OTP: Gogosabi 

MY most hated pairing: Wasabizilla (idk. Just doesn’t work for me)

My unusual otp: Tada-bi

My crossover otp: Wasabhi/Cinderella (Let’s just take in how cute they’d be!)

my brotp/friendship otp: Honey-bi (They’re like bot the voice of reason in the group #mamahens)

Character headcanon: Wasabi is the motherhen of the group. Someone’s sick? He’ll nurse them back to help (with the help of Baymax of course). Someone skipping class? He will hunt them down and bring them back. Everyone would trust him with all their secrets and Wasabi wouldn’t judge them at all. Unless if it was something nasty like not showering for two weeks.

A gif that show how I feel about the character