I recently saw this post and it reminded me of this little guys story.

The picture on left is from the first night i found him ( early october) in my brother’s car engine! (it had been sitting there for months)

When I found him he was covered in oil and had these very sad looking eyes and I didn’t know how his health was but i hoped for the best

The picture on the right is from this morning as you can see he got very comfortable with us. 

He is a very loving cat and he loves cuddles and to sleep with us at night.

I guess its true what they say those with nothing appreciate everything.

be kind to your local street cats and adopt one if you can :) 

My tiger is the sweetest thing and I feel very lucky to have found him or more so to have him find me :)

listen up children, aaron has a story to tell. it might make you cry, be warned.

but before i start, let me ask you a question.

in your life, now think hard about this. in your life, how happy have you been to receive one cheeseball? (cheese curd, whatever)

whatever you answer is, you probably weren’t as happy as little Cheeseball. Cheeseball is a stray cat i found literally five or ten minutes ago outside a convenience store. 

i was just leaving the store, amazing cheeseballs and extremely delicious orange slushie in my hands, when i saw a skinny little rat. or at least i thought it was. it turned out to be a starved, scruffy orange kitten. i couldn’t do much at first, since my hands were full, so i put the slushie in my car. i kept the cheeseballs out, to see if the kitten would eat them. (i know, i know. cheeseballs aren’t that healthy for cats. but there wasn’t any chicken, so.)

the kitten avoided me like the plague for a bit, even though he was sniffing at my greasy cheese-filled treats like they were chocolate to a kid. so i broke one in half, and threw one half over to him.

now let me tell you, that kitten acted like a threw a goddamn FEAST at him. the little shit SAVORED that damn thing. sadly, the feast was over before he knew it. i looked at my remaining cheeseballs, and threw them one by one towards the little guy. by the time they were all gone, the little shit walked on over, and plopped his furry butt into my lap like he was already mine. he purred, and purred, and purred like i’d just given him the best pets of his life. his golden eyes looked into mine and that was it. i was done. there was no way i could leave this little guy outside that store to starve again.

so i picked him up brought him into my car, and drove home. i snuck him in at first, since i doubted my grandparents would want him inside. i brought him some food, and at the worst possible moment, my grandpa came rolling in in his noisy-ass wheelchair.

he didn’t say much at first, then just told me to bathe him when he was done eating. so i wiped him down w/ a wet washcloth when he finished. soon after that, my grandma comes strolling in and gasps when she sees him. that almost fuckin broke me right there. 

i broke down, and asked her the same question i asked y’all at the beginning. we both cried a little, and hugged. (with me still holding the then-nameless Cheeseball) she decided to let me keep him, after seeing how much i loved this little shit already.

i thanked her, then went into my room and started typing this. i thought of the name Cheeseball as i was typing this. (how creative)

right now, as i’m still typing this, he’s curled up into a little ball in one of my blankets. and he’s still purring. he’s just so goddamn happy to have a home, food, and someone to love and pet him. 

fuck, i’m getting emotional. i’d better stop before i break down at the keyboard. anyway, that’s the story of Cheeseball. nyoom.

last week my dad and i were driving on a little gravel road in the middle of the woods, and i saw a wild turkey run across the road. so because of that i got to thinking, why are there feral dogs and cats but there arent many feral farm animals like cows or chickens?
so i said out loud “i wonder why there aren’t feral chickens in the wild” as we got to a dead end of the road. and i was looking around as my dad turned the car around, and guess what
i saw two roosters scratching at the ground in the woods, right after i commented on the fact that there are no wild chickens

On my way into work this morning I saw this strange little pile of something in a garden; when I got closer I could see it was a black cat that had obviously been killed by a car. The poor thing was crudely wrapped in a sheet of newspaper and slung in this garden and just left…
I had to go to work so Thomas called the local vet and the Council… 5 hours later, the poor thing finally got collected. If I’d have known it would take so long, I’d have gone into work late and taken the little baby myself.

The kitty looked just like Millie and it broke my heart that someone just left it there and didn’t take it to a vet so the owners could be traced. And all day, me and Thomas were the only people to report it!

People can be heartless. Even if you’ve never experienced the bond between cat and owner, you must realise someone out there is waiting for their pet to come home, not knowing it never will 💔

the mockingbird had been following the cat
all summer
mocking mocking mocking
teasing and cocksure;
the cat crawled under rockers on porches
tail flashing
and said something angry to the mockingbird
which I didn’t understand.

yesterday the cat walked calmly up the driveway
with the mockingbird alive in its mouth,
wings fanned, beautiful wings fanned and flopping,
feathers parted like a woman’s legs,
and the bird was no longer mocking,
it was asking, it was praying
but the cat
striding down through centuries
would not listen.

I saw it crawl under a yellow car
with the bird
to bargain it to another place.

summer was over.

—  Charles Bukowski, ‘the mockingbird’
Baby Hiro //Starter for Usemymuse


Lauren was so relieved as she walked up to the front door. Finally being able to relax after a long day at SFIT. As she was pocketing her car keys, the brunette opened the door to the Lucky Cat Cafe.

The college student took a look around, smiling when she saw a small boy that came into her view and took a seat. She rested her elbows on the table and relaxed for a couple of seconds, closing her eyes.

winkayy: today i rescued this little gem. i found her on the freeway. i was driving, and i saw this small animal that i thought was a squirrel run across 5 lanes of speeding traffic and as soon as i realized it was a cat i jumped out of my car and got her. as soon as i got in the car she jumped into the air vent and got stuck in my engine. i took my car to the dealership and told them what happened, and after spending almost an hour of taking apart my car, we found her and got her out. she was so lost and scared, malnourished and neglected, now is surrounded by love and happiness. everyone meet MINI. ❤️🐱 [x] #winkayy

most relaxing weekend ever

  • drank most of a bottle of wine on friday night and booked a night at a rural Bed & Breakfast out in Levin
  • drove out around the coast the next day, saw the sunset!
  • I fed a goat and patted a bunny, also saw a brown cow, lots of chickens and ducks, two big dogs and cute kunekune pigs!
  • we had a spa and a sauna (these people were so rich) and slept in a fancy bed.
  • the stars were all actually visible out there, too, city light pollution is mad
  • a rooster woke me up this morning
  • went shopping! got blush, kitten pyjamas, a floof dressing gown & new cat-eye sunglasses
  • bought some classical cassette tapes for our car from a farmer’s market for 50 cents each; drove home rested and happy!
Death 😐😕😟

Human emotions are more complicated than I expected 👽

My cat Dash was hit by a car last night and died. I saw his lifeless body & I lost it. Been crying on & off since 11 pm. Its now 3 am…
I wish it had only been broken bones. I wish I had been there to comfort him during his last moments on earth.
I already miss him. He was my bud. My little bubba. He knew I loved him and he loved me.
I still can’t believe he’s gone. I had just gotten home from work & he was walking back home to see me (he usually knows what time I get home) when he was run over.
I swear I could see him breathing but I knew he was gone from the moment I saw him lying on the road.

Dashy, I’m gonna miss you bub. I hope to see you when I leave my physical body. You’ll always be in my memory. No animal will be quite as special to me as you were. I hope your death was a quick, painless death. I’ll always love you bubba. Forever little kitty.

Love, your momma

so i saw a really cute cat that had gotten hit by a car and my heartless father wouldn’t pull over to help it… i felt obligated to draw this. r.i.p little kitty :( it was so cute too. all white with a brown tail. so sad

Kitty came home! Alex said he smelled her before he saw her. Apparently she made friends with a skunk… I had to wake up and give her her first bath ever. She is almost 13 and never had one before… But she has a mellow temperment and she was very good about it. Smelled like burning car tires, oh god did it smell. Have to throw away a few shirts and a towel but I’ll throw everything away if it means my cat is safe!!

Last time I went to Walmart with my mom, I had stopped by a tabby cat laying by the cart return and a man started talking to me.

Man: That’s kinda like my cat there.

Me: oh really?

Man: yeah. It’s just a homeless cat that stays here. You have any room for that cat?

Me: ah, no sir. I want to take it home but I don’t think my mom would let me.

Man: Oh, well I come by everyday to feed him and I stay with him for awhile so don’t worry about him going hungry or anything. I take care of him.

Me: Okay. That’s good. Thank you sir.

We went to Walmart today and on our way back to the car, I saw the same man sitting in his car near the cart return thing. There was a box on the side with the cat inside. As we were leaving, I saw the man get out the car with a paper plate and a bottle of water.