Isn’t it funny how Liam can joke about being a pool boy and it starts a trend. Niall goes out in London and a trend begins. A random Larry pic submitted by a fan pops up on the screens before an Ed concert and BOOM a trend starts. Louis goes out partying and crickets. Hilarious isn’t it.



I have 6 slots open for commission! First come first serve!

The above pics are to give you an idea on what I can make.

I can make simple puppetry too as well, the samples are the last two pics.

My plush work ranges from $100 - $200+ depending on the size and detail!

Puppets start at $100

Keep in mind that I need half of the payment I quote you on to start.

I can make anything you request from fan plush to OC, except MLP! Also needle felt cuz I don’t know how to do it.

I got nothing against MLP but there are several MLP plush makers out there who have commissions open. Same goes for the needle felt plushes.

I don’t make Homestuck plushes or anything related to it.

Also I will NOT make any fetish type plush (yes, I do get that request from time to time, the answer is still no)

I don’t sell patterns for plush work because there really isn’t any. Most of my plush work is sculpted from a block of foam and I eyeball the fabric to the foam sculpt.

If you want a quote then leave me a message in the ask box! Sorry, I don’t take requests from anon messages.

I live in the US but if you can pay for international shipping then I can make a plush for you! I’ll quote you on the shipping as well before I give the ok on making your plush.