Quite a bit on my mind lately. Two hours of work. Composition of six photos with a few textures and moderate grain to overcast its entirety. This is, ‘Perpetual Nothing’. Apologies for the lack of entries as of late, I hope this makes up for it. Also, I would like to thank each of you who support me, truly heartwarming. You give me ambition where there often is void. Feel free to like, reblog, and follow. ~Warxpro

As you can see, I couldn’t keep my nefarious tendencies at bay for long. This composition piece took two hours to create. Over twenty-five layers involved in this work. As always, plenty of texturing to give it an ancient, sinful feel. I bring you, ‘Black Dawn’. Please share & follow. Thank you all for your continued interest in my works. ~Warxpro

Vigils are typically where I stumble upon inspiration only to see my faceless lady, solace, who beautifully twists her way into my soul and opens the black gates of brooding sorrow. Tonight she brought this to me, and now I’m giving it to you. This is ‘An End to Suffering’, a six image photo-manipulation/composition with minimal lighting adjustments as well as mild texturing. Also, I want to extend my gratitude to you all for being so supportive of these compositions/work. I sincerely appreciate it. As always, feel free to share, like, and reblog. Until next time, good friends. 

This is how I spent my Saturday night. Around three hours of work. Close to twenty images arranged in this illustration including the rough texturing and other touches. I am very happy with the outcome (I haven’t been lately with my works). This is, ‘Eyeless Creature’. As always, share, like, reblog, and follow. I know there aren’t many of you who subscribe to me, but to the few who care, thank you. This is how I escape. ~Warxpro

An hour to make this. Compilation of 4 photos with lots and lots of texturing and minor lighting touches. Was constructed and inspired by Explosions in the Sky’s ‘What Do You Go Home To?’ song off of their album ‘All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone’. The title has always struck a deep connection with the mood of the music. One of my favorites from the group. However, This is ‘Thought Cavity’. Reblog and follow if you wish. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 

This is ‘God of the Void' - flavored with text from Agathodaimon’s track ‘Oceans of Black' Ten photos and three hours later this was my dark-laden result, which is dripping of inspiration from soul-wrenching black metal and Lovecraftian lore. Like, share, and follow if you so desire - and if you do happen to upload this to another website please provide a link to this page and credit me. Thanks again everyone! ~Warxpro

Random stock photography composition again. When I sift through photos I envision all these images falling into one illustration…and this was my final fusion this morning. This is, ‘When Hope Becomes a Loss’. As always, reblog, like, and follow if you enjoy. Best wishes to you all. ~Warxpro