Good eve #igfitfam! I know I’ve been #photobombing you all with tons of #foodie photos but I just can’t help it! I feel so spoiled, look what @talamukti surprised me with as I’m knitting my life away! 😍 It’s kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, onion & garlic with tofu & avocado! Sprinkled with cashews, almonds & chia! So much #gratitude! 🙏 #bestpartnerever #warriorpath #cosmicconnection #healthygoodlife #highvibineats #healthyeverydamnday #gratefuleverydamnday

Huntress’s debut album, Spell Eater, doesn’t arrive until later in the month, but people are already talking shit about the Los Angeles group’s frontwoman, Jill Janus. The band, otherwise composed of men, plays a galloping blend of Judas Priest-inspired traditional metal and classic thrash, while Janus has a powerful voice…

"I will always use sexuality to gain attention. But I also understand you have to have skills to back it up. … I am on my warrior path, and nothing will stop me."


Got my ass handed to me yesterday at my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu comp. I’ve been training now for 4 months in wrestling and Jiu-jitsu, so I thought i would throw myself in the mix, see where I’m at.

I weighed in at 82.6kg after a big dinner and light brekky, before competing in the U84kg division, I fought twice, losing both bouts, but looking back I learnt a lot. There was a shitload of awesome talent at the QLD wide comp, a stacked U70kg and U77kg division was awesome to watch, as well as accomplished fighter Damian Brown competing. At 12 o clock, I was tossing up whether or not to jump in the U93kg division, there were only 3 other dudes in there anyway..

I guess that was my main reason for competing yesterday, I want to be a warrior, find that bushido and samurai spirit somewhere, but of course I have all my own short-comings, fear, anxiety, and indecisiveness.

I thought to myself, what would Enson Inoue do, that guy is someone I look up to after I read his Vice article and listened to his Joe Rogan Podcast, as someone who has the pure bushido and samurai spirit, fuck it I jumped in although I was scared .. as .. fuck!

Big dudes at about 94kg ready to fuck me up, my first bout was against an older guy who was damn strong, pretty slow though, he somehow submitted me after much agony by pulling my arm all the way up my back almost touching my head, his grip was just too fucken strong! I was devastated! What a way to go. Is that even a submission? An old school one perhaps.

The Lockdown comp allows you to have another shot, so I got another match, fighting a big dude called Rob who was the favourite, he had at least 12kgs on me and I was packing myself. I could tell he was reserving himself, but he didnt submit me, just manhandled me and made me look silly. He subsequently won on dominance. (Make the other guy look like a bitch and you win).

Needless to say, that days battles although they may seem minor, to me they were definitely significant, I want to become a true warrior, follow that path wherever it may take me, in so wanting to do this I have to weed out my insecurities, my fears, my pride, my ego and my embarassment. Yesterday I believe I chipped a little bit off in the fear category, for me it was an inner battle, overcoming my emotions and deciding to man the fuck up and get in there. Hopefully in the future when Im in a more serious situation I can use those moments to empower me, and find the strength to push through boundaries.

As always, the question is, WHAT WOULD ENSON DO?



Fun at sparring, gotta work on my horrid head movement, and counter attacking on the back foot. Not applicable to mma at the moment, gotta lose those muay thai habits.