My new protein powder came in the mail today! I’ve heard good reviews about it so I decided to test it out. What’s great about the sun warrior protein powder is that it is organic, non GMO, dairy free, gluten free and completely plant based (vegan friendly!) I got the natural flavor, it comes in chocolate and vanilla, and it tastes good. I don’t like when my shakes are too sweet. I made a shake after my morning gym sesh. I mixed it with kale, spinach, coconut milk and ice. It was delish! Not too chalky or overbearing. It mixed really well and kept me full/energized till lunch 👍

Anyone else pack their lunch for work??!

When you’re busy, so busy you dont even have time during the day to buy food… AND you get sudden moments of extreme fatigue… You’re left with no choice but to PACK ALL YOUR FOOD!

Im not an expert chef, in fact I dont even have the skills to be cooking up anything in the kitchen… however I do own a crockpot and that thing is my BEST FRIEND. ♥ I also own a blender and make smoothies enough to double-fist 2-28oz shakers with in the mornings. This is what keeps me alive and kicking most days.

And then there are days when I have my 4 pieces pizza & ice cream (this past Saturday) and find out (today) I’ve lost an additional 2Lbs AND fit into one of my favorite pants. ♡♥♡. @fit_katz calls it flexible dieting. Lol. I call it “eat what you want and make it work for you”!!

Note: if you’re looking for a vegan based protein supplement I would recommend the #WarriorBlend! I add it into my smoothie thats loaded with plants and other weird flowers trees and roots (I HAVE SAMPLESSSSSSS!). Friggen love it!! ♥♡♥

Under-the-weather #Smoothie: Kale, strawberries, radishes, garlic, ginger, lemon, #WarriorBlend vegan chocolate protein, 16oz water, cayenne pepper & chia seeds. 🔥 hoping the garlic will kick in 😷 & keep people away😂😂😂