So few days ago I finally managed to drag my lazy ass to the cinema to watch new Mad Max and DEAR DOGE.

I came back home trembling like a chichuachua, ready to bark, climb on the top of the world and pee on my enemies. Since then I started like 5 new paintings and can’t get them done properly because I want to make them all at once. 

And you know that part when they were driving in the desert? IT WAS MY FUCKING FAVOURITE.

And the flamethrower guitar guy (aka The Doof Warrior )? When that moment came up I was like “well, this is it, everybody can go home, because nobody will be ever as real Rock’n’rolla as he is”.

Oh what a day, what a lovely day.

(pssst, you can find my previous Mad Max pieces here)

.:Why I Hate Drawing My Cat OCs…:.
 The title pretty much sums it up, except it’s less of hate and more like DREAD!
I seriously thought there would be a point in my life where I would stop making these things, but it managed to drag me back in.
And no, I am not making “Dinky getting called Lionheart” thing up.  It’s getting to the point where I purposely make my cats so silly and awkward looking that they couldn’t possibly fit in the Warriors universe ( Bearded She Cat, Male Cat who looks female, Cat with Bowtie Marking)…but even that doesn’t stop it. That isn’t the reason I made Dinky the way she is though, nor Mistletoe.)
All I have to say- is that I feel sorry for anyone who wants to make a story about cats because this is something that you are constantly going to have to deal with, ESPECIALLY on Youtube. But if I learned anything by reading the comment section on Non-cat youtube series- your characters don’t even have to be cats for comparisons to this book series to be thrown around ( a lot of comparisons either make no sense or are such common tropes there is no point in even mentioning it.) But to be fair….
Nah, I am not going to be fair- it’s annoying. Getting your characters constantly compared to something else is annoying. ( Looking at you, Balto Fandom) It’s annoying enough for me to even make this- and I feel ashamed for making this. lol
If you are going to compare Dinky to any other character, G3 Rainbow Dash would be more accurate.In other news, drawing Dinky with an expression other than smiling feels SUPER WEIRD!
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