“I fell in love with Joel as soon as I saw him. The funny thing is, we don’t really have any scenes [in ‘Warrior’] where we need to show that chemistry. Hopefully, in a future movie we can do something that shows we like each other.”  

— Tom Hardy

Note that Joel has autographed Tom’s t-shirt in the second photo.  :-)


ERRA’s new music video for Warrior


Welcome to the Olin family

Yes, I made warrior, castanic female warrior named Olineya.
I wanted castanic so bad, but I doubt I’ll make gunner as one since I’m already having white buisness suit for high elf.
Second thought was race change Olinda into castanic, but I can’t do that. There are too much elin only costumes on her.
But, there we go, warrior. And I’m having fun with her, even I have no idea what I’m doing.