A Domestic Touch || Bruce and Loki

Come to the kitchen ASAP and I’ll help you out. 

The message blinked on Loki’s SHIELD issued tablet, the one piece of technology he could (somewhat) use. He knew how to message people and search the Google, but that was about it. So when Bruce offered to teach Loki how to cook, Loki couldn’t refuse. He had been living off of fresh fruits and vegetables, a few pre-packaged cheeses, and the occasional left over that was unlabeled. He wasn’t starving per say, but he was losing weight rather dramatically considering the heavy meals consumed in Asgard. 

And so Loki left his tiny room, tugging the white leather belt holding his black, straight leg jeans a bit tighter as he went. It was becoming increasingly obvious to him that Bruce was someone who wasn’t loathsome like the others, and who had decided to trust Loki once he heard the truth. Combining that with the fact that Bruce was willing to teach him new things, Loki was beginning to rather like Bruce. 

"Hello." Loki said with a faint but genuine grin curling his lips. "I must warn you, I know literally nothing about the technology here other than the large silver box that keeps things cold. So don’t get angry if I set something on fire." Loki teased, although it was rather true. 

Monsters and Men || Bruce and Loki

Loki crept into the lab quietly. He had grown tired of the suffocating monotony of his cell like room and the common room was usually occupied by one or more Avenger. The lab had seemed to be empty, and Loki relished the quiet of the room as sharp eyes surveyed various experiments.

But as Loki turned the corner, he realized that he was not alone and he swallowed roughly. “My apologies for intruding.” Loki said softly, looking more sheepish than anything.