RIP Mark Bell

Another piece of sad news for fans of electronic music - one half of the Warp Records early signing LFO has died due to complications after an operation. From Resident Advisor:

Mark Bell of LFO has died.

Alongside Gez Varley, Bell formed LFO in the late 1980s. After Varley left the group in 1996, Bell continued to produce solo under that name. He was a close collaborator with Björk, producing her 1997 album Homogenic and six other LPs, including 2011’s Biophilia. He also produced Depeche Mode’s 2001 album, Exciter. As LFO, Bell was responsible for some of the most pioneering and visceral electronic music in the Warp Records catalogue, including the 1990 crossover hit “LFO,” 1991’s “What Is House (LFO Remix)” and 2003’s “Freak.”

The news has been confirmed by Warp Records. A statement on the label’s website reads: “It’s with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO who died last week from complications after an operation.”

Here is a music video to their 1990 breakthrough track ‘LFO’:

Here is a short clip taken from a television documentary from 1990 interviewing LFO and the founders of the label Warp records:

A sad loss in a year of many who have played a big part in the culture of dance music :(

“What is our realm but a cracked mirror? A filthy window that shows a broken reflection of the glory that lies beyond our sight! What tawdry hovels are these? Towers of silver and gold they would be in the Empyrean’s gaze! Or fish! Or flowers! Or a seraglio of silken lovers! Every colour, every sense, every action, every reaction, every infraction is reflected and magnified a thousand times.

Gods and heroes dwell in that invisible realm in castles of cloud and grandeur, transcendent beings of wisdom and power beyond our comprehension! We who toil through the dross of mortal existence can never know the ultimate blessings of uncertainty, but we can embrace the path of change! The hidden glories of Immaterium lie all about us, waiting for us to notice and claim them as our birthright!“

-Demagogue Xentrias in his epistles to the Ghaudians

(art by: Mikhail Savier; colour by: Gion Ferrel)