Why should kids be taught to hate the police? Because there are 2.3 million people in jail in the US right now and every single one was put there by a fucking cop. Some people talk about good cops and bad cops, but a good cop, a cop doing their job properly, still puts nonviolent drug users in jail for many years, totally ruining their lives as they lose their jobs, houses, cars, romantic partners, access to college, and become substantially less employable upon release. A cop doing their job properly still gives homeless people tickets for vagrancy which they obviously can’t pay and when a warrant is issued as a result an officer doing their job properly arrests those homeless people. An officer doing their job properly peppersprays and arrests environmental protesters so that logging companies can clear-cut old growth forests. An officer doing their job properly is evicting a family from their home as you read this because the parents’ jobs were shipped overseas so that the bosses could make eight figures a year instead of seven. Those people will become homeless, vagrancy tickets will be written, warrants will be issued… And then there’s the “bad ones”.

Sacking Rome: A Magazine for Vandals, issue one

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I'm okay with using broad brush strokes to define cops.

For every good cop you can show me I can show whole departments of scumbags.  For every good cop you show me I can show you a cop who refuses to arrest the cops he works with who break the law.  All cops are criminals.  The vast brush stroke stands until you fools arrest your own. The stroke stands until you fools refuse to use corrupt internal investigations.

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whenever activist blogs like waroncops (which is a great tumblr btw) follow me because i post a lot of activist shit i wonder if they enjoy when i do things like talk about facts from the south park wiki and spam family guy tattoos

Allowing the police to enjoy basic rights while wearing a badge has proven to be horrific.

So my solution is to strip them of these rights.  I say that if a cop is accused of abuse he is fired on the spot and stripped of his benefits. The police did this to themselves.  Decades of unreasonable privilege and corruption among them makes an excessively harsh reaction perfectly valid.  If they don’t like it they can find employment elsewhere.  The people have been pushed beyond the point of mercy.

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okay okay so I understand why we’re all mad at cops right now but saying they’re all bad is like saying all men are bad. (waroncops? really?) i’m not saying they’re all good so you SHOULD absolutely be wary around them and such, especially because a good amount of them do let the power go to their head

but here’s the thing. as someone who knows several cops, i also know that if you treat them with respect they’ll oftentimes treat you with respect back. if you are disrespectful and accuse them of being racist or that they had no reason to pull you over or something, they WILL find something else to pin on you (they don’t like being made to look stupid). like i said, they’ve got this power and let it go to their heads. so just… if you want to avoid jail time, try avoid being complete assholes to cops. it’s not what any of us WANT to do, but it increases safety dramatically.

A few months ago, a 22-year-old black man suffered a gunshot wound in the back of a police car after being arrested by Louisiana State Police. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter in a hospital. The police report claims he shot himself in the back, and his death was ruled a suicide. But an autopsy has found that not to be the case, catching the state police in quite the dilemma.


Cpl. Chris Carter, the campus policeman who shot dead a straight A student at the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas.  He held 9 law enforcement jobs in 7 years.

from a former neighbor: ‘

'He was mean,' Hugo Bustillos, a former neighbor, said. Bustillos lived above Carter's apartment for about a year. He said Carter also had run-ins with at least one other tenant over his dog before he moved away last year.

'He exaggerated a lot,' Bustillos said. 'He put a lot of false statements on us with our landlord,' Bustillos said. 'He also made trouble for someone else and got into an argument with' management.'

if anyone has more pictures of him, please submit them.


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student arrested for crossing the street. 

but it’s ok to make this student miss class and put her in more debt by giving her tickets because the cops are just mindless puppets doing their jobs. 

story in the link:  http://thefreethoughtproject.com/4-cops-dispatched-arrest-girl-jogging-id/