The annual wizard battle draws near! -A test of might and magic, sorcery and summoning, chants and charms, weapons and will!


-Anyone with a twitter account can participate. 

-Voting and victory notifications will take place on twitter. This blog is simply to organize, inform, and x-post.

-To enter you must create a wizard through any means: drawing, painting, pixels, 3d modeling, sculpting, knitting, etc… as long as you can submit an image of it. It can be any type of character you can think of as long as they wield some type of magic, magical item or magical ability. Be as creative as you wish!

-Submit an image of your wizard HERE with the name of your wizard and your twitter handle. Submission deadline is September 9th.

-Wizards will be divided into 1on1 battles in a randomized bracket. The images of the 2 battling wizards will be posted on twitter. Spectators will be given 24 hours to pledge their power (vote) for one wizard. At the end of the 24 hour period the votes will be tallied and the victorious wizard will be announced. The victors will proceed to the next round.

-The final four contestants will be awarded the title of MASTER WIZARD. The last wizard standing receives the title of ULTIMATE WIZARD and is granted immortality. Actual prizes may be a thing if there’s enough support. we’ll see. ;]


Once all the entrants are received and the bracket is complete I will post an official start date. You are strongly encouraged to drum up support and publicity for your wizard. Build a persona, post images of your wizard training for battle! I’ll reblog and retweet as much of it as I can.

Tag all of your wizardry related posts with #wizardbattle2014

See you on the plane of battle.

How times change for Magnus Bane... :P
  • Clockwork Princess:
  • “It is not my responsibility now, nor will it ever be my responsibility, to manage wayward Shadowhunters.”
  • City of Lost Souls:
  • “Saint Magnus's Home for wayward Shadowhunters," he said in a deep voice. "Welcome." He threw an arm wide. "Spare bedrooms are that way. Wipe your boots on the mat."