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Another video of how we got down when I played at Avalon this last Sunday. “DE LA HEART” #avalon #rehab #hollywood #dj #delaheart #warfam

Hanging at the @weareroyalty store earlier tonight with a couple of incredible DJ’s I have admired since day 1 and my buddy @iammrwar behind the lens. Cc: @mikiwar @djdainjazone #WARfam

Had a great time spinning at the grand opening of the @weareroyalty store. I’m beyond proud of these 2 guys, they’ve come a long way. @mikiwar @iammrwar I wish you guys the best! #WARfam

Its just a Warframe thing, you wouldn't understand.

You sit waiting for a group for a survival in Pluto next thing you know, all these rank 0s join in with level 6 gear in a survival. You wonder how did they get there? Then you see the person who taxied them there is a rank 3 who never did a survival mission before. So the person asks, what are life supports? I shoot one with my pistols so he knows what to get, he never got life supports, the level 0s always died, the rank 3 was just killing and then that leaves 1 person to get life supports so we don’t die and have to run to extraction and then 30 seconds later here comes the rank 3 person.

Should never go to Pluto unless rank 5 or higher or know how to play the game since there are some people who choose to just stay at a certain rank and not level anything up once they have the weapons they want. Personally I’m rank 8 and probably will be rank 9 after I get all my stuff I want then after that I’m not leveling anything afterwards. Never go to Pluto without making a team first, cause that’s bullshit.

Shouts to my brotha @djsplyce for dropping into @weareroyalty today and copping our new “Just Spin It” Tee, and a adding @mstrwatches to his time piece collection #warfam #weareroyalty (at We Are Royalty)

Looking for new mixes to play inside @weareroyalty on soundcloud. Not too many good mixes out there these days, any recommendations? My recent fav’s are from @djdainjazone @djstylesdavis @djscene #djmixes #weareroyalty #warfam (at We Are Royalty)

. @weareroyalty new releases! You can pre-order online now. Or comment below with colorway and size you want. (XS-2XL available) Women’s tee’s available as well. #weareroyalty #WARfam (at Reload Los Angeles)

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Multiple #repost from @souljaboy in the studio looking fresh in our @weareroyalty “Always on Top” Crewneck and his new “Fire Red” v’s that he picked up from @wereloadla today. #warfam #sodm #spuljaboy #tellem (at We Are Royalty)

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Practice makes perfect, getting the concepts and ideas on creative marketing is plenty of fun for me and the @weareroyalty team. There’s close to nothing we can’t handle “in house.” Excited to close out this year strong, and come out the gates running in 2014. #StayTuned #weareroyalty #warfam #work : model @louiwar (at We Are Royalty)

A huge thank you to everyone who supported @iammrwar and myself in the first day of @weareroyalty . I’m so excited for the journey ahead of us. I seriously can’t thank you all enough who dropped in, whether you made a purchase or not, we are very thankful of being there. I also have to shout out all my DJ friends who regardless of other places to be, they came in and DJ’d for us out of love. I thank you. And lastly thank you to my family, parents, @prettypinkmel and @nellychavez for all your hard work. Day 1 is in the books, and now you know where you can find us. #weareroyalty #warstore #warfam (at We Are Royalty)