The Lich King armor+ sword set_sims3


Behold the Fire King!!!!! I mean the Lich King of fire!!!! Euh well create  a Lich King as you linke. The whole set is recolorable anyway.

For male sims (young)adults. Not sure that I made the sword unisex. Things dont look transparant in CaS but they look right in game.

You need the sims3 basegame.

Many thanks to Sevelii for the testing and screen.

Downloade package and/or sims3pack.

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Role-playing video games (commonly referred to as role-playing games or RPGs, as well as computer RPGs or CRPGs) are a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a protagonist (or several adventuring party members) immersed in a fictional world. Many role-playing video games have origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games and use much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. Other major similarities with pen-and-paper games include developed story-telling and narrative elements, player character development, complexity, as well as replayability and immersion. 

Realized something interesting about the way Mannoroth died in the Warlords of Draenor cinematic.

Here’s the scene I’m talking about.


This is from when Grom died in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos


It’s Grom’s destiny to be killed by Mannoroth’s dying explosion. Garrosh is literally changing Grom’s destiny first by telling him what would happen to the Orcs, and second by saving him from what should have killed him. A cool parallel on Blizzard’s part.


World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge (Day 6): Favorite Female Character Sylvanas Windrunner

"A quick death…like the one you gave me? No. You’re going to suffer as I did. Thanks to my arrow, you can’t even run. Give my regards to hell, you son of a bitch."