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The Black Dahlia Murder — Warborn

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Yeah, the anime is called Shinsekai Yori. Apparently it's becoming more popular because people are seeing the two dudes kissing and are being like OH GAWD YAOIIIi!!!!FLDSKFJE IT'S THE HOMOS. You know how the fandom gets.

LMFAO i see now
fdjksjafkds man I can’t take anime serious now and with this. i just can’t
_(:3/  L)_ 

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So there are 4 new races that have yet to come out and 2 of witch ar “top secret”  but you can clearly see them here im ready for the warborn :3

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omg sorry idk who it is but

the theme looks nice but too dark for my taste sorry and the same with the posts ~_o not my taste

im very sorry!!1

ArcheAge F2P Incoming

When ArcheAge drops, I will be playing: A Nuian Male, a Firran Female, and a Harani (I don’t know what gender yet). And when those new races get dropped, definitely a Warborn Male.

I will not be focusing on the housing, or farming aspects of the game at launch, I’m just going to try to have fun. Many people will be rushing to get to 55 and be clamoring for the BEST land in the servers; and thus, I do not want any part of that.

I also know that when the game does drop, the servers will take a thorough beating, and will probably be down for a while after launch, leading some people to stress out over ‘losing valuable time’ and ‘losing that critical lead’. I won’t be part of that, thus I am not going to stress. I already know my character names, my class plans, and what I’m going to focus on first. 

If and when the servers don’t work for me because of launch, I will just quietly back off, do some homework, some reading, play some Guild Wars 2 and Dota 2 and just relax. Who cares? The game is still going to be there.

I’ll see you out there fellow ArcheAge players!

Amidst a swirling din of smoke and screaming

on the battlefield born reared on the teat of my dear mother war

hardened to stone through abuse mocked beaten and scorned