Always Shall Be Your Friend (Cullen/Regina)

For gerundsandcoffee, based off of her amazing, incredible, I-could-read-this-a-thousand-times modern AU, Coming Clean. Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, DO IT. Also, congrats on finishing with finals!

Night had long since settled by the time Cullen pulled into the driveway, and he was slightly surprised to see Regina’s car parked neatly to one side; she had mentioned before that it was her last day of finals and he had half-expected her to be out, celebrating the break in her perpetual studying with her classmates.

The thought that perhaps she had gotten a ride from someone else lasted until he noticed the lights on in his apartment, and even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have been able to stop the smile that rose, unbidden, to his lips. While it certainly wasn’t the first time that she had noticed his long schedule and had moved to make his night easier, he definitely had not expected it on a night when just about any other person would be found revelling in their newfound freedom. Still, it fell perfectly with everything he knew about her endlessly selfless nature and, not for the first time, he marveled at the events that brought such a beacon of light into his life.

His grin only grew larger as he entered his apartment and was immediately hit with the aroma of freshly made dinner. In spite of her efforts to convince him otherwise, he refused to order take-out unless it was absolutely necessary, preferring his own cooking to whatever it was that is put into the Chinese takeout that every grad student seemed to swear by. When her response was to start appearing in his kitchen whenever he worked late so there was always dinner on the table when he returned, he had argued with her for only a few minutes before realizing it was an exercise in futility.

As expected, a pot of spaghetti was simmering on his stove and two places were set at his table, awaiting his return. The woman herself, usually sitting with her textbooks waiting for him, was nowhere to be seen, however, and he paused for a moment in surprise before he heard the quiet music from his living room.

Even though he had always been more of a Star Wars fan himself, he could still instantly recognize Kirk and Spock on his television screen and he stood, watching for several moment as they talked through the transparent barrier separating them before he heard a quiet sniff from his sofa.

He had to fight back a laugh as he turned to spot Regina, nearly hidden under a blanket she had scrounged up from somewhere and wrapped herself in tightly. Her face was still visible amidst the cloth and Cullen watched as she extracted a hand from the bundle of blankets to swipe at her eyes, too lost in the story to even notice his return.

She did, however, notice when he sat himself down next to her and he grinned at the slightly embarrassed look on her face at being caught crying. “Cullen!” she exclaimed, her voice louder than usual. “I didn’t hear you come back. You’re probably hungry! Dinner’s ready if you just give me a minute…”

Before she could reach for the remote, though, he reached out and slid an arm around her blanket-clad shoulders, tugging her gently back against the couch. “We can finish the movie first,” he told her.

Regina gave a small, shaky laugh as she relaxed and he turned his attention back to the screen as Spock pledged, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” And as Cullen tightened his arm around her at her whimper, he smiled down at the dark-haired woman and realized that he understood the sentiment perfectly.

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Imagine Steve going to Asgard with Thor and meeting Frigga and Odin.

Steve had no idea what kind of things Thor had told his parents about him and their team, but when the God of Thunder extends an invitation to visit his homeworld of myth and legend, you don’t turn him down.

“So my friend, what do you make of my family?”

Steve thought of Odin, high on his throne, formal in his greeting of his eldest son’s comrade. Never before had Steve met someone so incredibly ancient, he could practically feel the years rolling off the Allfather whenever he spoke. And that voice! Booming but stern, no doubt practiced from countless battle commandments and war cries. But he was not unloved.

As he toured them through the palace and surrounding grounds, the people looked upon their king warmly. Everyone had either fought beside him at one point or had no qualm with him to speak of. Odin was at least a respected ruler at most (and often, Steve thought) a treasured friend.

“You are your father’s son,” Steve told his friend.

But then he thought of Frigga.

She had been the one to greet them at the bridge, and she welcomed Steve as if he were one of her own. Where Odin had subjects and comrades, Frigga had family. When Steve walked Asgard with her, children presented them with gifts, they stopped to listen to stories of the people. Where Odin would have marched on, Frigga paused to admire the world.

This was not to say she wasn’t fierce. She had the same regal, olden air her husband possessed but in some ways, she seemed more comfortable in it. Frigga had found peace outside of the war and bloodshed that had forged her history.

Thor has his mother’s hair, her eyes and more often than not, her grace.

“But you’re every inch your mother’s child.”


Just finished watching the Season 2 trailer.

First 30 seconds I’m like

Then the Dark Lord himself shows up and I’m all

50 Seconds into the trailer

(Little voice inside my head saying “Shit’s about to go DOWN! Ace Pilot Anakin Skywalker just joined the party!)

And THEN THIS HAPPENS: “My name is Rex.”

“My name is Rex.”

“My name is Rex.”


Me for the rest of the trailer

According to my friends, I was screaming so much that I passed out for a couple seconds…



The contenders for the 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket, 3 May 2014:

1: Australia
2: Bookrunner
3: Charm Spirit
4: Ertijaal
5: Kingman
6: Kingston Hill
7: Master The World (Couldn’t find a photo)
8: Night Of Thunder
9: Noozhoh Canarias 
10: Outstrip
11: Shifting Power
12: The Grey Gatsby
13: Toormore
14: War Command

Good luck, and come home safe, boys!

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I don’t think the clones have gotten ‘fat’, so to speak, if you look at the gap of Rex’s armour plates he’s only added an inch or so. Which could mean the biggest difference is how the clones have been rendered by different artists.

Clone Wars characters, after all, were often very slender indeed. (My tiny feminine wrists are just as wide as the armour clad ones on my Rex cut out, so he used to be quite stylised.)

Besides, after endless boring army ration meals, don’t you think the first chance Rex has to experience home cooking (like he did on Saleucami) he’d be hunting down nuna bacon or nerf steak to share with his brothers?? They probably kept in shape for years, training as hard as ever, but as they got older they began to relax the rigid army lifestyle that had once been all they’d known and started to enjoy the peace and freedom they’d fought so hard to gain. I’ll bet they’re still pretty hard with muscle underneath.