mad-dogs-and-englishmen’s Follow Forever

*noise of papers being shuffled*

Right listen up folks, the CO sent me this erm memo thing a while back and it reads

"When you have a moment to spare in between sorting the upcoming ops and throwing yourself out of those planes the boys from the RAF kindly lent you chaps in the Airborne, could you get off your arse and do a Follow Forever - Tait, PS. This is an order Phillips, do not make me come and remind you in person, BTW give my regards to Boy (and will you two keep the noise down on a night)"

Well since I’m never one to directly disobey an order here is my Follow Forever list, if you are not on it don’t get your panties in a twist, I still think of you as a vital part of the war effort and together we will defeat all those that oppose.

Never one to do things completely by the book, I thought I’d take a more personal approach in the matter and well, if you are mentioned it’s because you have a special part in my strange personnel file…. I mean heart


*coughs* Right, sorry ma’am.

First up, the most perfect CO and that Tedder chaps main liaison tedderette *whispers* So that is what they are calling it these days, shh Boy she’ll hear you sniggering for goodness sake man.

Wait up chaps *reads badly scribbled note* Demonic Duchess of Debauchery , ah yes that is tray-the-tealord, follow her, well worth it for the utter insanity and pictures of her looking simply fabulous while wearing a uniform… W-what do you mean she was last seen heading towards Patton’s tent, oh god not again…someone get on the blower to Monty, for goodness sake it took months to sort it out after the last episode.

The next one goes without saying since she is my sister from another mother and will always be “me Rippah” ripperblackstaff, she’s French that is all you need to know and it probably explains everything about her better than I could.

This next chap is sound as a bell and has your back, can’t imagine him not being on the team just watch out for the jokes, seriously he makes Monty’s sound like something from ITMA awhodareswinsfan

The next one quite often leaves me feeling totally speechless doucheldorf I mean she is a goddess, what more can a man say and she has the most perfect taste in men *smirks* and erm women if that is your thing.

heavyarethecrowns runs a fantastic department dedicated to those we all hold dear, the British Royal Family *salutes the flag* keep up the good work miss.

Should you ever find yourself facing the darker side of the mind, or just like gore and decent horror flicks check out my dear friend cataradical but please read the disclaimer pinned to the door first and enter her office at your own risk

If you are into thinking so deep that you come out the other side then check out immaculatellamalord definitely something there for the more esoteric amongst us.

Good old Tuffers is over at his-name-was-writ-in-water, first class chap and your man if you need help with the older languages etc plus he’s has a fine taste in clothes.

the-blood-of-history is another solid chap who is hoping to gain his wings soon, wish him all the best on that front.

oscarwetnwilde, well the name says it all plus if you are into that Stephen Fry chap, she posts plenty of gifs relating to him.

The next is a new chap to the squad but quickly proving to be vital to the ongoing war effort  dreamingofcossackia

And finally the very delightful panthalassa3d   if you are into steam-punk, like Cthulhu and hand-made jewellery then she is the one to see.

A very special mention has to go to thatgeeklover and calee-francis mrpinstripesuit and a-la-peanutbutter-sandwiches

Once again if you are not on the list do not fear, I still think highly of you otherwise I wouldn’t follow you.

Now you can all bugger off as I’ve got a meeting with Browning *winks*


War Time ID Badges

At the onset of World War II, almost every business or manufacturer who did work for the war effort required employee ID badges for permission to enter the premises. These curious photographic objects are collectible examples of a time before the high-tech security, fingerprint and iris scans we have today.

Mark Michaelson, author of the book Least Wanted, has a fabulous photostream on Flickr with hundreds of photographic mugshots, ID badges, and other similar examples of identification. These photo badges, which can occasionally be found at estate sales and antique stores, make a very visual and affordable collection if you want to start looking for them.

Poster encouraging skilled laborers to join the Seabees as part of the war effort: “Build for your Navy! Enlist! Carpenters, machinists, electricians etc.”
The history of the United States Navy Seabees in World War II begins with the 7 December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. After the attack and the United States entry into the war, the use of civilian labor in war zones became impractical. The Navy therefore created Construction Battalions (from which the abbreviation “C.B.” became Seabees).


"This isn’t your home, Caroline. Your home is with me. Come with me. Let’s leave this forsaken place.” — A TW/TVD Crossover