i wantt to use he/him pronouns sometiems because i like the souund of them but i dont like the masculine&maleness connotations towards them 

Coffee Shop AU || Open

Loki brewed up a coffee for the customer at the counter, handing them their order and giving them a smile as they took it, telling them to have a good day. He’d worked there for a while, having a few regulars and some that would just come in and out. 

One particular regular always caught Loki’s eye, however, and he couldn’t help but smile every time they came in, already making their drink when they came in and before they ordered. They always had nice chats, the customer taking some time to talk to Loki.

So when they walked in today, Loki smiled since it had been a bit empty today in the shop. “Hey Love.” He said softly, going to start their drink. “Hows it going?”