i have no patience for ppl that get mortally offended when tumblr stans for black and brown ppl bc ‘they can still be problematic’ but have nothing to say about how tumblr subsists on white celebrities regardless of what they have or have not done

Looking for roomates in Baltimore area

So, my gf and I need to move to a bigger appartment, but we need roomates because we’re both poor college students.
Moving time would be asap or whenever possible; we’re not looking for anything in particular in a roomate, though there are a few things you’d have to be okay with:

-My girlfriend and I will be living there, and we’re both girls so if you’re uncomfortable with living and sharing a space with female roomates, then this is not for you.
- Rent is going to be around $900/1k, and it will be split in 3 ways. My gf and I will be sharing a bedroom, leaving 2 more bedrooms open.
-Rent might turn out to be around $800, if we decide to get a 2 bedroom apt, and the rent would be split in 2, but chances are we’re going to get a 3 bedroom rather than a 2.

We haven’t yet decided on which apt to get, we’ve been looking at alot around the UMBC area.

So if you’re interested just email me at angrycraigosaurus@gmail.com and we can start figuring this out and I can share more info I don’t really feel comfortable giving out on Tumblr.

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I feel like Thomas Sanders is one of those guys who’s going to grow up to be known for his humor, maybe as a comedian, maybe as an actor, maybe both. And we’ll be going around telling our children and niblings “Yeah, I remember when that guy was doing vines all the time. He brought a puppy into school once. We were all impressed.”


I have a favor to ask of you sweet people. If you know of any models, photographers, make-up artist, or stylists in the South Florida, or Miami area, either reply, ask, or reblog with their Tumblr name, or their social media names.

I’ve been in Miami for a year now and I am having trouble building my network and contact list. So if any of you would be willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated. :)


OVER 50 CHARACTERS on the Most Wanted — and some roles have reopened!

We have Avengers, original characters, X-Men, Asgardians, Young Avengers and so much more! Questions made to the team should be done off of anon, please. If you would like to reserve a character, let us know!

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Wanted Posting (Legist Report)

(( This Wanted Poster can be used ICLY by anyone. Arrests must be made by a Blood Knight, Farstrider, City Guardian or bounty hunter who delivers bounty to Hall of Blood. Information is to be given to Legist Eroseidir at this time. Rewards to be paid by Legist Eroseidir on behalf of Legist Federation ) 

WANTED: Witnesses

Approximately midnight of the evening June 09, year of the king 633, shots were fired into the location currently called Runeweaver Hall. One victim was injured with a bullet to the shoulder.

The Legist Federation is seeking out information and witnesses to this event. Reward is issued at 100 gold if information leads to conviction.

Legist report: WA0612633

Signed with magistry seal and Legist seal.

Magister Legist, Lord Eroseidir Runewrath.


WANTED: Arthur Pendragon for Mass Crossover!

My name’s Ariah` and I play Merlin on a forum-based mass crossover called Pandora.  I’m currently actively and obsessively seeking out an Arthur!  He’s been without his other half for too long now.

Basic plot points to keep in mind:

  • Arthur has been in Pandora before, but was pulled out again when the previous player dropped him.  He has a lot of history in Pandora.  He was its second ruler before the current (Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman).
  • Arthur will not remember his previous time in Pandora.
  • There is a high chance that the Queen and others will want him dead if he turns up again in Pandora.  Not set in stone, though, so if this isn’t something you want, we can talk it through. =P
  • Merlin is currently a wanted fugitive for many crimes, one of which being the regicide of King Arthur.  It’s not true and Merlin believes Queen Ravenna killed Arthur.

If you’re interested, definitely check out the site!  We have a handy

New Player’s Guide here



is my Merlin account if you’re wanting to take a peek.  Feel free to say hi in the cbox, too!  The community is super nice. =]

If you have any questions, you’re also free to send asks to Pandora’s tumblr blog since I run it!

Plot Fillers II

Characters needed by Reno Sinclair:

 as portrayed by Jackson Rathbone

Rude (as portrayed by Jason Statham):

A man of little words, Rude is an explosives expert and is currently partnered with Reno. Despite being polar opposites, the pair is pretty efficient together, and get along (although Rude probably only puts up with Reno’s act for so long before telling him to frack off). He’s loyal to the Turks, and a force to be reckoned with. Most people outside of the Turks fear Rude because he wears sunglasses to hide his expressions, and isn’t afraid to use physical force to prove a point. Even though he and Reno get along, and could be considered friends, Reno doesn’t know a whole lot about his partner. Rude likes to keep things to himself, a possible result of the betrayal he felt after finding out his girlfriend a few months/years back was only dating him to get intelligence on Shinra — she’s a member of AVALANCHE, and their breakup after he found out was rather messy.

—— Felix (as portrayed by Lea Michele):

Miss Felix is an original character cooked up to link the Turks to some of the ongoing side-arcs on the site, as well as to mess with Reno’s loyalties a tad. She’s a reporter, although most of her time is spent fetching papers, pens, and drinks for the other reporters that she works with. She has big dreams of writing a front page story, but thus far has only been given trivial articles to work on. So she is taking it upon herself to find a big scoop, and what better way to do that than by investigating the many things going on around Shinra? Normally Shinra is able to talk their way out of possible scandals, but they have their hands full with rumors of the missing heir to the throne returning, and an opposition government being created. So Reno is being put in the position where he has to keep Miss Felix from fully discovering what’s going on, which means diverting her, giving her false leads, and so on. I see her as being persistent, confident in herself, and career-driven. Any side-plotting for her and Reno can be worked out on the site. 

Elena (as portrayed by Amanda Seyfried):

Elena is new to the Turks. She originally trained to join one of the military branches, but switched over to the Turks in order to one-up her sister (who is also a Turk, and seems to have their father’s favor at the moment). She’s trained in martial arts, but hasn’t officially settled into a place with the Turks. Being that she’s new, she gets picked on by Reno and Rude, is often given the worst assignments, and doesn’t have the respect she would like by her fellow Turks. She puts up a front, keeping a wall around herself so others can’t see she’s bothered by what’s going on. Inside, however, she doubts herself, and probably has a love-hate relationship with her older sister. Reno treats her like a kid, teasing her, playing pranks, and I’m sure she’s more than a little fed up with it. She also seems to have a crush on Tseng, which probably makes it hard to be the butt of all the jokes around headquarters.

Tseng (as portrayed by Joe Odagiri):

Second-in-command of the Turks, Tseng has risen pretty quickly through the ranks despite his age. He doesn’t talk about his past much, and has every intention of fulfilling his mission of bringing in the last Cetra, Aerith Gainsborough. Although he’s next in line to take over the Turks from his boss, Veld, Tseng has a better relationship with the Turks beneath him. He’s seen more as a friend, and approachable, which will come in handy later when he does become leader. He and Reno get along pretty well, and it’s rumored that Reno is sort of like Tseng’s right-hand man. It’s possible they’ve known one another outside of the Turks, so if that’s the route you want to go, I’d be open for it. The biggest thing to note is that Tseng doesn’t go out of his way to use violence to complete missions. He’s more cunning, and probably comes from a good education and proper training. 

Cissnei (as portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca):

She’s been with the Turks for awhile, but tends to keep to herself. She’s generally the quiet one, doing her missions without complaint. Reno tries to provoke her, just to get a rise out of her. The fact that she hasn’t snapped at him yet probably proves just how patient she is, or how much control she has over her temper. She’s trying to rise in the ranks, so she’s probably working toward being seen as responsible, efficient, and the direct opposite of Reno (who takes everything as a big joke). 

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