Malia Inspired Outfit with Requested Jacket by veterization featuring slip on boots

Helmut by Helmut Lang clothing / Forever 21 clothing / Denim short shorts / Thigh high hosiery / Wanted slip on boots / Titanium necklace / Bobbi brown cosmetic

could anyone recommend me any plushie artists

maybe link them their commissions/rates/etc that would be super cool

im caving into the whole “real life glue that i could snuggle” thing and seriously considering getting a plush made for him, so i can snuggle him. in real life. 

heres just a simple lil ref of him, he’s super duper simple which i hope will compensate for the size i want him to be, more refs of him on his tag

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We’d love to see some apps for Douglas Booth, Austin Butler, Grant Gustin, Ansel Elgort, Max Irons, Dylan Sprayberry, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Michael Clifford and one of the Harries brothers.