I just genuinely have way more fun having short term unspoken crushes on people I barely know than actual relationships


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X-Files Retrospective Side-Post #1: Even Aliens Get The Giggles Sometimes [BLOOPERS TIME!]

Sylent Mari Says: There is some salty language below. If cussing isn’t your thing, you may want to skip this post.

i’d like to thank kim heechul for ruining my chances of liking a real person. yeah you’re cute but heechul is beautiful. you’re funny and maybe even charming but you’re no kim heechul. you’re relatively flawless? sorry but heechul

icecubie replied to your post:i’ll never get over how both eli and maki have…

Your child and Rin have one too tho


nico pls, you can’t wear polka dots and glitter AND stripes

you got too many fabrics and textures going on

also, you gotta pick between maroon and gold or navy and grey don’t choose all four and then add plum

and my child should know better than to over accessorize smh


You may love Harry Potter, but you’ll never love Harry Potter as much as ABC Family loves Harry Potter. 


Katara, destroying the patriarchy.


Mabel + What Robbie Smells Like


Favourite animators: Mitsuo Iso (磯光雄) and his work on the End of Evangelion

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fan: who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone!

rise: eunbi!!!!!!♡

two angels may have left this earth physically, but they will forever live on in our hearts. may the two of you watch over this world together and i wish the best to your families. thank you for fighting so hard and thank you for touching our lives in such an intimate way. rest in peace rise and eunbi ♥

Two years ago my sister was riding on the train during Comic Con and the entire Teen Wolf cast was on the train with her and she went to talk to them and they all basically ignored her except for Tyler Posey who turned around and said “Hi! I’m Tyler!” and immediately launched into a story about how one time he was bored on set so he stripped off all of his clothes and started running around naked backstage and that’s basically why I’ll defend Tyler Posey to the death


quick levihan baby drawings. I get a lot of asks for this and you have all successfully broken me.  

I like the idea of hange and their son being gross weirdos collecting bugs and dissecting frogs and throwing mud at everything while their daughter is like “ew you’re both so filthy” and levi’s just like “yes, good, the power is strong in this one”


It’s literally until you don’t have dialogue when you get to that point of realising how much communicating we do with speaking and talking. I didn’t have that. I was super-aware of having just eyes to work with, but it made the job more interesting. Sebastian Stan on the Winter Soldier’s physicality

Okay, hear me out.

An action film where Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan play partners, and Sebastian is in love with Chris but thinks Chris is into their handler, Zoe Saldana.

Chris gets kidnapped/captured and when Sebastian finds out he does that teary-eyed, barely-holding-it-together thing. He goes against orders and - with Zoe’s help covering for him at the agency - tears the world apart to get Chris back, while Chris fights his way out from the inside.

They meet in the middle and everything’s great for like ninety seconds until - PLOT TWIST - it was all a trap to capture Sebastian because he has information they need and the bad guys know he’s in love with Chris. Chris had no idea! Sebastian cries some more.

Of course they escape and destroy the bad guys and save the world and get medals or something, and then Sebastian is like, ‘Look, about the whole in love with you thing, I don’t expect -’ and then Chris just

Kisses Sebastian.

Right there. In the parking lot of their agency headquarters.

Sebastian cries because he’s so happy, and they make out a little more and then walk to their car holding hands, the first openly gay action heroes in a major summer blockbuster THE END