Things I've noticed people say in American TV programmes...

“wanktard” - Hodgins,Bones

“raging asshat” - Josh,Being Human USA

“Please un-ass this man from the area” - Quaritch,Avatar (2009)…okay, not a tv programme. But still.

“All right, ladies, let’s bring the pain” - As above. Cinematic brilliance.

Give me some time alone with myBonesbox set and I’ll find you more soon…

dear youtube,

just because i like video games doesn’t mean i want a bunch of videos featuring antifeminist wanktards going on about how the evil wimmins are coming to steal their toys cluttering up my recommended videos feed.

seriously. cut it out.

my boss always makes joke about scissors. at work when I have to cut up boxes to take them to the trash, I always fold out a pair of scissors because some wanker stole all three Stanley knives so now we gotta make do.

she’ll always make jokes about how I shouldn’t do that because I might end up having an accident (the job safety analysis we do every year outlines all the things we shouldn’t do and using scissors like that is one of them).

however, yesterday, she really fucked me up. She’s got this tiny Stanley knife and she gives me it whenever she sees me using scissors. So I was using that yesterday and then she said “do you have my Stanley knife?”

and I said, “yeah, I’m using it, you gave it to me”

and then she said “well give it back to me, I don’t want you slashing your wrists.”

fucking wanktard of a bitch. you don’t fucking say that. God knows I slash them regardless but we wouldn’t want that blood to be on your hands, now would we? 

you wankjob.