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England/China—the myth for me is they are like living in a totally different world from other pairings’..:/ their world is depressing without any external intervention…

Chatting with my friend,she mentioned Arthur only lust for Yao due to the appearance,but Yao’s personality is pretty hateful against him. Obviously, Britain owned half of the earth—a very big harem,so what made Yao special to him? It is worthy considering…she told me, Yao might be the only one that Arthur was eager to meet but could not control completely ,during the time,he was busy around and Yao was later occupied by more nations…when he turned back, his time almost came to the end. His capitalist power was too shrinking to get Yao back.

As for Amechu,the only-two personal world is hard to imagine…XD (how come,Alfred?XDwhat a playboy XDD)

there are several times I couldn’t help picturing one woman with Yao-.-

and I thought she should be Loulan(ancient kingdom in Xinjiang,but it was killed by the sand and desert). I’ve seen such a similar character in many Chinese novels for the youth.Seemingly,China has nostalgia for the disappeared kingdom


london mcm expo day2 XDDD

this end of monthXDoct 26,27



please play with me!>////▽////<

I want to make some new friends about anime/manga(wether cosplayers or not >///////<)in the UK❤

and can I find a Russia to take the photos with me ?;w;

want to take some rochu photos in the winter of winchester ><

where are you IVAN ;W;


She swang a leg over Alfred’s lap, began to rub the sensitive part. Eyes still fixed on the young boy’s face, trying to see any “subtle” reaction.

"hmm…." Alfred couldn’t help but groaning softly, feeling a bulge in the pant and impatiently upward. The hand soon left the bare shoulder, grabbed strongly at her hip,and pressed it down more on his lower parts. Yao knew, tomorrow her little backside would be marked hard by these greedy fingers.

Moans filled with the room, escaping from their lips. She was too excited to close the mouth which inhaled the heat from the other beneath her.Put the hands around his neck, she rubbed hard,legs stick on his both sides,staring right into his eyes all the way along.

The glasses was somewhere forgotten. Who cared glasses when you were having some fun?The sofa rioted restlessly,loaded with a couple’s enthusiasm.

Blind by the heated lust,  Alfred dig the nails into her,draw out little blood on the thigh. He was so consumed by the sinful joy, felt the pant intolerantly tighter with every second gone.His mind seemed unfuntional and the clothes on his body mocked him not to tear them away.

"You are as fuck…” the words squeezed from his teethes.He started to kiss her jaw passionately, along the edges, tasted the skin burning on the tongue.

"I…I…" his lick and touch brought her more bliss. Her upturned head was slightly shaking with the body.Sweat dropping down along the beautiful face,was licked away instantly by the other.

It was too hot there, and even beyond that when both are in love


                                                                                   To  lotusy-my love

 Check her beautiful Amechu arts, at least my dream was fulfilled by this sexy ladyXD

this is not the vampire one which I definitely will do it later. A lot of inspiration is in my mind now=W=