Kyle XY - Pilot - Kyle’s First Words

Yo! Let’s get some juice down here. Sup? Everyone takin’ stupid pills ‘round here? Juice me.

ghostyfreckles said:

answer the primes?

I forget if 1 is technically a prime or not so I’m including it

1.Kissed a girl?


2.Kissed a boy?


3.Had sex in public?

Not yet OuO idk if I ever will haha kinda doubt it tho

5.What does your URL mean?

derelict [der-uh-likt]


1. left or deserted, as by an owner or guardian; abandoned"a derelict ship"

basically it’s some philosophical bullshit about how that which has been abandoned can still be fixed up and brought back to life

7.Do you have any nicknames?

Some kids in high school used to call me the Wangsta Gangsta. Which is hilarious and ironic because my gangsta level is like negative 17

11.Soup or salad?


If I had to pick it would probably be soup

13.Go out drinking?

Rarely…pretty much only if I’m going out with friends. Bars kinda bore me otherwise .__.

17.Have you had sex today?


19.The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My girlfriend haha

23.The last time you felt broken?

idk. Years ago, probably

29.Do you dance in the car?

N—-no….of course not….

31.Ever used a bow and arrow?

Yup. I’m no Hawkeye though

37.Do you believe in ghosts?

eh…I don’t disbelieve them. Just never seen one for myself

41.Wear a bath robe?

Nah. I do own one though. I think it was a random Christmas present .__.

43.Do you want to get married?

Sure I guess?

  • Relationship preference:

47.what makes a great relationship?

Mutual trust and understanding. Also hot sex helps too what I totally did not just say that

53.Piercings OR no piercings?