I hate how next door neighbors, they’re usually not home but suddenly there was a bunch of them today. They can be so rude too! This morning these wangstas were blasting loud gangster music, and every time i leave my room they say in deep low voices, “Hey. Hi. Bye” and whistles. Even the gang-bangers and hood-rats in my family sound smarter than that shit!

the-teflondon asked:

Its come to my attention that you have been leaving mast messages in my girlfriends inbox. Stop. Now. I will kill you.

I know not who your girlfriend is nor do I care. I’ve never mass messaged anyone.

Might take heed when threatening this man, you’ve no clue what might just cum your way jackass.


Youre a swagson with a fucked up hairline. You a fake ass wangsta and you look like a Dominican og maco. Gtfo my face.