If you were to ask me where I see myself 10 years from now, my best response would be “not here.” Every day I realize more and more that I can’t picture myself staying in one place forever. I see myself here, and there, and over there. I see pieces of myself scattered everywhere. I crave constant change. I crave to see, to feel, to meet, to get lost, & to become found. Over and over again. I want to see the moon from different countries, and when the sun rises I want to see what colors the sky turns in different states. I’m hungry for life. No actually, I’m starving. And I just want it to swallow me in my entirety.
—  E.V. evwritings

There is no auto repair done in this garage. No, this space, called Garage, by Seattle-based Graypants, Inc., is for repairing the soul. Built at the edge of the Puget Sound, it repurposes a neglected garage into a multi-functional living space, complete with pop-up beds hidden beneath the floorboards. Outfitted with glass walls and a wood-burning stove, this hideout is perfect for watching the seasons change. It won Graypants three architectural awards, and is also the setting for a trippy promotional video.

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