Senator Amidala certainly didn’t seem inclined to treat Master Kenobi as a dangerous outlaw… Quite the contrary, in fact: she seemed to have fallen into his arms, and her voice was thoroughly choked with emotion as she expressed a possibly inappropriate level of joy at finding the Jedi still alive.

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These kids just gives too many kisses to each other… well, not that I’m complaining though. :3 (Give me kisses too! xD)

imagine when anakin was a new little baby padawan and homesick for his mom and obi-wan had literally no idea how to relate to this because he’s been at the temple since he was an infant and can’t remember his parents, and even though he lost qui-gon that was a very different sort of thing

so he just nods and says comforting things while acknowledging that he can’t understand

and he tells anakin that the jedi have been his family, and they’ll be anakin’s too

anakin finds it so odd that the other jedi children, and obi-wan by extension, have never had this experience, because even though he and obi-wan both have never had fathers, he thinks having a mom is the greatest thing ever and even though he can’t be with her anymore, obi-wan missed out