I started making some fan art for WaMoH, then I started thinking what I always think when I see Frim (“Aw, she’s so preetty”), and that got me thinking about what I always think when I see girls I think are prettier than me (all of them) and what Ellvix says in return and it turned into this random minicomic OOPS! (I think Sancho would definitely be super sweet and super rude at the same time.)

Frim the elf, Jinjo the goblin, and Ra’aj the humonculus belong to Within a Mile of Home. Sancho the halfling and Bea the high-elf belong to Ecadia. I’m so sorry I ruined them with flipper hands.


April 7th: Character Expressions

My computer died in the middle of trying to catch up on ADC. While late to the party I want to finish the challenge! It may not be on time, but it’ll be done.

Used the character meme sheet from here. I drew -really- tiny and don’t know why.

Man is from Just Man and Craft / Within a Mile of Home

Surprise update!

We’ve caught up on our pages, so we’ll be updating the comic twice this week! Arc 2 - 139 is up at the site right now and there’ll be another page posted this Saturday for our regular update. Whew! Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

Pssst there’s a new vote incentive and it’ll only be up until Saturday check it out while you caaaaaannn!

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