featherofficial asked:

Ahh, do you have anything in general to recommend for dragonkin? *o*

as dragonkin myself u bet friend B)

sounds: i’d go with wherever your dragonself is from! for example, i am space dragonkin- so i tend to lean more towards space-y sounds. this website has plenty of free sounds to choose from, so play around with it!

smells: again, i’d go with smells that remind you of home! things like incense (not recommended if you have small pets or breathing problems though, because it does produce a bit smoke and over time that could be an issue) or candles could be ideal. more general dragonkin smells could be things like dragon’s blood or spices like cinnamon! here’s a fancy dragon candle and incense holder, a tealight oil wamer, and a smoking dragon incense box.

taste: crunchy snacks are great. especially ones that are more bite sized. you could create candy gems if you have a sweet tooth, but i find that i reallly love wasabi peas personally. so i definitely recommend giving those a try! vaping could give you a more subtle taste to things and could even recreate the effect of breathing smoke for you! there’s no nicotine vape juices (which i have). there’s even a trick called the dragon. i would also stick to a diet you have now! i can’t recommend raw foods for health concerns but here are two tags to help more with recipes for meals/more snacks. click and click.

touch: for more environmental touch, i’d recommend finding things that remind you the environment. perhaps rougher-than-normal blankets or flannel bed sheets? other things would include wearing clothes that are comfortable for you but also probably remind you of your kinself’s skin or features! for example my kinself has a mane similar to that of a lion, so i really like wearing jackets with fur hoods! diys are also fun, here’s one to make a dragon egg.

sight: incorporate lots of colours and things into your room. or maybe set a corner for your room to become a bit of a ‘nest,’ so to speak. which could really just be a fort of your own creation! it could act as a cave, a nest, or a secret spot. click here for some inspiration for that!!

hope that helps!!