parrotly said: ooooh de scène met de walvis die even uit het water springt is mijn favoriet!

Mijn favoriet was absoluut het moment wanneer Pi het hoofd van Parker op zijn schoot neemt. Het was zo hartverscheurend.

La #Cina pianifica una base navale in #Namibia

La #Cina pianifica una base navale in #Namibia

Cina e Namibia stanno valutando la costruzione di una base militare nella località di Walvis Bay. Secondo Bloomberg, la Namibia ha citato una lettera riservata dal proprio ambasciatore a Pechino indirizzata al suo Ministero degli Esteri dove si afferma che una delegazione cinese visiterà Windhoek per discutere la proposta di una base navale nel Paese africano, peraltro anticipata già da tempo dai…

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In de Witte Walvis

Studio Vacant NL presenteert de installatie ‘In de Witte Walvis’. Met grote witte zakken, die normaal gesproken gebruikt worden om grondstoffen in zeecontainers te vervoeren, worden tijdelijke ruimtes gecreëerd op elke denkbare plek. Deze nieuwe flexibele ruimtes kunnen voor een scala aan functies worden ingezet. Ze scheppen een eigen wereld die over de bestaande heen valt. Ze kunnen bijvoorbeeld een schone lege werkplek, een kapsalon of een klusruimte zijn, of een bar, sauna, slager, hondentrimsalon, sushi restaurant, en ga zo maar door. Eenmaal klaar met het gebruik, kan de zak eenvoudig opgehesen of opgevouwen worden. De ‘witte walvissen’ bieden op deze manier een ideale strategie om met minimale middelen tijdelijk een plek te koloniseren. Voor binnenruimtes wordt met touw en katrollen een verbinding gemaakt met de bestaande structuur. Voor buitenlocaties wordt gewerkt met een bijpassend frame waarin de zak opgespannen wordt.

In de Witte Walvis is geëxposeerd tijden de Kunstvlaai 2012, Object Rotterdam 2013,  Salone del Mobile 2013 (Milan, Italië), Dutch Design Week 2013, Dutch Design Week (Beijing, China) en de Biennale of Urbanism 2013, Shenzhen, China.

#wakingup in the #morning and #looking at my #bigfive, is a #solid_testament that I have been #blessed with an #amazing_talent and that no matter what “they” say MY GOD is #alive and #actively_working in my life. And if I can #inspire just #one_person with my #story then I’ll die #fulfilled! #thankyou to everyone that has #believed in my crazy dream, it warms my #soul with #gratitude!

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22.01.2015 Nachrichten am Abend

China will bei Walvis Bay keinen Marine-Hafen errichten. Das namibische Außenministerium wies in einer Pressemitteilung am Nachmittag anderslautende Medienberichte zurück. Der zitierte Brief des namibischen Botschafters in China sei gefälscht. Auch habe in Peking im Dezember kein Gespräch stattgefunden. – Der Namibian hatte berichtet, Walvis Bay sei einer der 18 Marine-Stützpunkte, die China in den…

22.01.2015 Nachrichten am Abend was originally published on Hitradio Namibia

Yesterday, @tessakit and I hopped in kayaks with Jeanne, the owner of Eco Marine Kayak Tours in Walvis Bay #Namibia in search of seal pups. Wow, we were not disappointed! We were kayaking through thousands of swimming and playing seals. They actually bump into your kayak trying to play with you, and I even had a cute little pup try to eat my oar. It was such an awesome experience. If you are ever in Swakopmund, it’s a must do! by michaelbonocore http://bit.ly/1Chd5Zo

Day 12 Tsumeb

You’ve got to love the names of Namibian towns; Usakos, Karabib, Okahanja, Otjiwarongo and Omaruru, these all towns we passed through on our way to Tsumeb. We stopped at Cést Si Bon Bed and Breakfast Otjiwarongo and although we had some communication challenges we enjoyed lunch there. Menzi who is now driving himself had an opportunity to arrange with his daughter Tshepi and son Lwazi to bring the car part to Walvis Bay. Lwazi was to pick up the part from the dealership in Midrand and bring it to Tshepi who would be waiting at the airport. Unfortunately for Tshepi there was no return flight to Johannesburg the same day, so she had to overnight in Walvis. Once the part was delivered to Menzi’s driver he will take it to the dealership for them to fit the brakes
Kupferquelle is a holiday resort at the entrance of Tsumeb. Tsumeb itself is not such a great town, probably the most untidy town we have so far come across so far. There is a nine-hole golf course here and who else would have found it? Yes you guessed it right, Zanosi. He was supposed to be jogging when he saw it. I have never been to a Dros, which I thought to be pretty much, a tribal chain serving preferred menu for certain sections of the South African population. So I was relieved when one by one everyone declined dinner.
Just as well we did not go for dinner we had breakfast at the Dros and service was the worst I have experience in a long time. I will not be visiting a Dros again too soon.
I am excited at the prospect of visiting the Etosha Park, it Supposed to be the most visited site in Namibia. Luckily it is not too far only four kilometers from our lodge.
We arrived at the Mokuti Lodge at about 12 midday and immediately booked a game drive. I had great expectations for the Etosha Game Park and the Etosha Pan.
I was armed to the teeth to attack the spectra with my three pairs of binoculars, Canon 5D camera with a 100 – 400 mm lens, a Gopro Hero 3+ movie camera, hat, sun glasses and a wind breaker. I was expecting to be in the park for a very, very long time, until the temperature dipped and it became cool. I was not going to miss anything.
Doubt crept in when we were introduced to our game ranger, Anna. She was a very charming Koi San lady (she described herself as a “Boesman”) who right at the outset gave us only one guarantee, that is she would bring us back alive. Even that was in doubt seeing that she did not have what we thought is a standard issue for game rangers, a big gun.
Philimoen was in the other vehicle with Buti Sandile, Sis Mary, Dudu and Zanosi. He had to be called from home with the sudden 1000 % increase in clients. He was worse, did not have a gun or even ice in his cooler box to chill the bottled water he was carrying for his passengers.
After a very short briefing we were off
We raced into the park first to attend to entry formalities and then to look for game. Anna and Phillemoen convoyed together which again was limiting our opportunities to spot anything
So the two taxi drivers hopped from one watering point to another in search of lions. There was no commentary, information or education about the wild. As they were speeding there was no attempt to identify anything along the road. You know you are scraping the bottom of the barrel when you spend 10 minutes observing giraffes and Zebras. We did spot one rhino and a couple of elephants and of course plenty of buck, which we also stopped to observe.
After the third or so watering hole the other vehicle decided after we had offered them our chilled water they have had enough and wanted to go back to the hotel.
Our vehicle thought we would give Anna a little longer to find something interesting. I must say we were rewarded with three hyenas close to yet another watering hole.
We also wanted to see the Salt Pan and we were just given a glimpse.
Eventually we also had to call it a day. We very disappointed. I did not get any value for my very elaborate equipment.
Menzi declined to come on the drive preferring instead to go in the morning. Lucky for him he missed nothing. I really felt like asking for my money back.
The car parts have arrived and fitted and the driver is on the way. He will overnight somewhere along the way. He is expected here tomorrow around lunch time.


De voorleesdagen zijn begonnen! Yossef uit groep 6c leest bij ons het boek ‘krokie en de walvis’ voor. Knap gedaan Yossef!