My Top Favorite African Countries

Why am I posting this plenty today? because I am bored and it is the beginning of a  weekend tomorrow which means NO WORK!! …YESSS!!.

I would probably watch an old Jean-Luc Godard film and go to bed!..smh , my life tho!

I have not enumerated this in any ranking preference. I am originally from Mozambique (for those wondering) so I will not include my country. So here goes:

1) Tanzania (Need I say more?)

2) Namibia  (I really like this small, peaceful and beautiful nation. I totally see myself living in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay… really beautiful country)

3) Kenya (Nairobi and Mombasa…I really love Mombasa but its only foible is that it is too damn hot and humid..that I dislike..But Kenya had a stagnant development but if you travel there now, you will see things are seriously surging)

4) Senegal (If you have not been to Dakar, you are missing out on a great city and great culture and people. The city, as compared to other African cities is more developed and quite orderly…I highly recommend Dakar and Goree)

5) South Africa (I am not gonna lie I like SA regardless of the xenophobic proclivities. It is the most developed country in Africa and  Cape Town is just sumptuous to say the least. I also love its rich multifariousness)

6) Botswana (This is a small burgeon country that has had rapid development within the past few years. Approximately 15 years ago, the capital Gaborone was very arid but if you see it today, you will be astounded at its progress and she has amazing social mobility compared to the rest.

7) Rwanda (Great government and vision which has seen the country curtail substantial raft of poverty)

8) Ghana 

9) Nigeria (No matter what they say about Nigerians, I believe Naija peeps are the most hardworking Africans regardless of their presumptions. They have amazing business acumen and imagine how advanced this country would have been without the rife corruption)

10) Angola (I congratulate Angola for having double digit economic growth and reducing its poverty and also developing at a rather rapid rate.  It is something that I consider laudable. However, I seriously don’t appreciate the xenophobia in Angola. I have seen how illegal aliens from Congo DRC, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Mozambique etc and few other countries are maltreated. In some cases, harassing those with various permissions as well. There was an instance where a Mozambican woman who happened to be a politician was visiting Angola but was detained and harassed  at the airport and treated like “shit” for not having a particular form meanwhile she had the relevant papers and forms to enter Angola.  This incident really left me angry and acrimonious. Some of my closest friends in real life are Angolans so I hope and humbly beg that my Angolan followers such as “Roquii” don’t feel offended. Angolans are nice people I just seriously despise your immigration officials and their systems)

11) Zimbabwe (Yeah, I like this country; it is charming)

12) Mali (More so for its grand history and beautiful culture)

My list is always prone to change depending on epiphanies …..kkk but for now, these are my favorites!t

18.09.2014 Nachrichten am Mittag

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18.09.2014 Nachrichten am Mittag was originally published on Hitradio Namibia

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Een week die begon op het strand en eindigde in een restaurantje op de Spaarndammerstraat… Week 37 was weer een fijne week! Bij deze de geluksmomentjes!

* Zondagen op het strand
* In de zon op het Noordwijkse strand bij Bries met Ger, Neek, Jo en Elise (uit Finland)
* Seizoen 2 van Scandal op dvd
* Zelfgemaakte smoothies
* Tapas eten bij Fandango in Leiden (en koffie en brownie als toetje!)
* Bruce in the USA met Elise, Ger en Bea
* Campaign Masterclass van Jon Favreau en Mitch Stewart in de Noorderkerk
* Bijkletsen met mensen die je te lang niet gezien hebt, voorafgaand aan de masterclass
* Ontbijten met warme broodjes en chocolade-coffeepasta uit Milaan
* Poffertjes met poedersuiker
* Gezelligheid met Mijn oude roomy Niek in Walvis
* Nijntje in het Gronings, het perfecte cadeau voor mijn neef :)

Tot volgende week!


Bondi Beach, Sydney

Natuurlijk is een bezoekje brengen aan Bondi Beach een must wanneer je in Syndey bent! Na alle mooie stranden die we al hadden gezien viel Bondi in eerste instantie een beetje tegen. We hadden bijna de bus terug gepakt toen we besloten om toch maar een stukje over de boulevard te lopen; we waren er nu toch. Langzaam begon het zonnetje te schijnen en Bondi werd een stukje mooier. We vonden een uitkijkpunt waarbij de golven toch wel erg mooi waren en begonnen wat foto’s en filmpjes te schieten. Op een gegeven moment kwam een jongen naar ons toe en vroeg ‘En? Hebben jullie ze vast kunnen leggen?’ Wij dachten dat hij het over de golven hadden maar hij bleek het over walvissen te hebben. De Sydneyer had er oog voor en wees meerdere walvissen aan. Ons tweede onverwachtse Walvis-spot moment! Weer heel bijzonder en made our day!