Let’s Keep Walmart out of Our Classrooms, OK?

Summer’s about gone, and kids and teachers are getting ready to head back to school.


Back-to-school isn’t the most fun time of year, but it is especially hard for teachers and students when there are billionaire families, like the Walmart-owning Waltons, gearing up to use their riches to attack public education and shift much-needed resources to for-profit corporate schools.


The Waltons have spent more than $1 billion on their corporate-style education scheme, which has opposed commonsense proposals like giving all kids access to free public pre-K education.

And that probably makes students, parents and teachers in the cities the Waltons are targeting with their big checks feel like this:


But it doesn’t have to be that way, because teachers and parents are fighting back against Walmart-style classrooms—and you can join them.


Sign the petition now to tell heirs to the Walmart fortune, the Walton family, to keep their hands off our schools.

So I was in Walmart today...

So I was in Walmart today and when I was on my way to the kids section I found this: 


And it turns out that is a birthday card… 


that turns into a poster! 


Also, remember in the “Dragon Gift” when the dragons went to an island to have their eggs and they put them in the water so they would hatch? Well here they are!

(Please ignore my ugly hand)



And apparently, there’s a new Ring Pop flavor called Dragon Berry!


And let me tell you this, IT IS DELICIOUS! 

Ferguson police claim Mike Brown robbed a convenience store; this changes NOTHING

In the U.S. in 2014, if you are an unarmed Black youth who allegedly stole some cigars from a convenience store, you can be summarily executed in the streets by police and left to rot, while your community is put under martial law.

But if you are a racist white guy who owns a cattle ranch in Nevada and you steal approximately $1 million from the government and then take up arms to defend your spoils, you will be lauded as a hero by the media and the police won’t lift a finger against you.

And this is not even to mention those who steal billions of dollars every year in the form of “white collar” crimes such as corporate wage theft, tax evasion, financial corruption, price gouging, etc. Nobody saw a single employee of Enron, Goldman Sachs or Lehman dragged out into the street and shot by the cops after their mass thievery was exposed a few years ago.

Even those who steal billions of dollars directly from millions of Americans, such as the owners of WalMart who exploit the shit out of their impoverished workers, get off scot-free because the government confers the aureola of legality upon their industrial robbery.

In the U.S., if you have money and power it is nearly impossible to commit a crime because all of your banditry is made legal by the laws which you yourself write. But if you are poor and Black, it is nearly impossible to stay out of prison because everything you do is criminalized by the former.

In sum, over the course of 200 years we find that the value of the life of a Black person in the U.S. has gone up from zero to the price of a few Swisher Sweets.

White America will justify the lynching of an impoverished Black youth who may or may not commit a petty theft amounting to a mere misdemeanor; yet they don’t even want to TALK ABOUT the giant theft that is Black slavery, poverty wages, and mass incarceration, which amounts to an actual crime against humanity.


"There can never be justice in a nation based on stolen land, genocide, and human bondage"

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Exclusive clip from Walmart

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