Walton Familly Walmart Heirs Are Officially The Greediest American Billionaires Alive

Walton Familly Walmart Heirs Are Officially The Greediest American Billionaires Alive

If you needed another reason to hate the Walmart heirs here it is.

Photograph of a Wal-Mart store exterior in Laredo, Texas Source: Photograph taken by Jared C. Benedict on 22 February 2004. Licence

The Forbestop 400 richest Americans list includes four of the Walton family – heirs to the Walmart fortune. They rank in the 6th, 7th, and 8th places  (two tied for 8th place) and have a collective…

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Across the nation, American businesses, families, and communities are embracing clean, renewable energy that is homegrown, healthy, and can never run out. By finding alternatives to fossil fuels that pollute our air and disrupt our climate, they are showcasing the single most practical way to tackle climate change, starting now. 

Companies including General Motors, Walmart, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Crayola and Google are putting in solar and wind farms to run operations, and finding that clean energy is good for business.

Schools from Virginia to Nebraska to Alaska are generating their own clean renewable energy, saving money while helping young people in their communities breathe more easily.

Thanks to Huffington Post for featuring my article on Clean Energy. You can read all of it HERE.

September 13th, 1993 - Nirvana releases ‘In Utero.’ It would enter the Billboard charts at #1. The album created a lot of controversy with the front cover, an image of a winged transparent anatomical manikin, and the back artwork featuring a collage from Kurt Cobain with body parts and fetuses. It was forced to be cropped down for Wal-Mart and K-Mart releases. The song ‘Rape Me’ was also changed to ‘Waif Me.’


Some Walmart (WMT) employees are not happy about a new mandatory “dress code” or the fact that workers have to pay for clothes to comply with that dress code out of their own pockets.

The “new look” calls for employees to wear a navy blue or a white polo shirt and khaki or black pants or skirts. It also requires the return of the Walmart vest, but the company will pay for that.

At issue is whether the new rules about what employees can wear amount to a “uniform” or a “dress code.” The U.S. Department of Labor says companies must pay for a “uniform,” but not clothes required to comply with a “dress code.”

So is it legal for Walmart to require its employees to pay for a polo shirt and pants of a certain color?

According to one legal expert, Walmart employees who are unhappy about having to pay up may have an uphill battle. Federal Advocacy Coordinator at the National Employment Law Project, Judy Conti, told The Guardian that what Walmart is doing is legal.

“When an employer selects clothing you could wear anywhere else, they are not required to pay for it,” Conti said. “Black or khaki pants – it doesn’t come more basic than that. White or navy blue shirt: now, maybe you don’t wear white or maybe you don’t wear navy, but I’ll bet you wear one of them.”

Heidi Moore of The Guardian tells Yahoo Finance she thinks Walmart is asking too much of employees who already make too little.

“It is pretty much an egregious issue… it’s a huge chunk of their take-home pay and Walmart employees have been complaining for years - and even staging protests and walk-outs – that they are not paid enough, that they’re not paid a living wage.”

Walmart says its average full-time hourly wage in the United States is $12.92. The company says employees are free to buy the clothes anywhere, however, Walmart also has extended an offer for employees to buy the clothes from Walmart for a 10% discount. If employees buy dress-code appropriate clothes (2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants) from the company’s own website, that would add up to abour $48, after the company discount of 10%, which Moore says is “tiny” compared to other retailers’ discounts.

"If you work at any other store, whether it’s Macy’s (M) or Club Monaco, Urban Outfitters, you get 50% discounts, sometimes 60% discounts, so it’s also pretty chintzy on that front,” she said.


Walmart imposes new employee dress code, suggests where to shop for it

Effective September 29, Walmart retail workers, or sales “associates,” will have to put some of their meager hourly pay toward new clothes.

Gawker first reported that the Walton family-owned conglomerate, valued at nearly $250 billion and under increasing criticism for paying low wages and scant benefits to its employees, issued a cheery edict on its internal server requiring “associates to wear white or navy blue collared shirts with khaki or black pants, capris, or skirts and closed toe shoes in any color,” complemented by a navy blue Walmart vest provided by the company. The point, wrote human resources manager Barbara Simone, a “single mom, from a small town” who climbed the Walmart ranks, is to “help customers easily find us” and “help drive teamwork, customer service, and sales.”

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Photo: Walmart.com

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