I woke up from a crappy, painful dream today and I decided to man the eff up and quit being so emotional and attached to you.

The first step was to change my desktop wallpaper — because being the emotional mofo I am, I even made a wallpaper to remind me of you. That’s the pepper one up there. Peppers remind me of you, but from now on, I’m gonna try to see peppers as peppers only. Not as you and all the impossible shite that could have happened between us. ‘Cause eff that, why should a pepper make me remember all that crap? I don’t even like peppers!

And anyway, I’ve gotten over you until I saw you again and made this pepper wallpaper. Then things started to get crazy and I got back to being emotional about you. I mean come on. I was practically asking to go back to being attached to you when I made the pepper wallpaper.

So, today I made a wallpaper of two wonderful quotes I saw here in Tumblr. I don’t know how long this firm resolve to forget about you will last, but until it crumbles down once again, I will keep this wallpaper and I will forget about peppers and I will stop getting attached to you.