My Music Library Poem

I’ve had a fall out with a boy 

and I’m just an American reject named Ed.

I fostered the people, and I pulled a cheap trick.

So I’ve hit an all time low because I forgot tso blink,

And I got busted for playing with mice and men.

Now there’s blood all over the dance floor,

and I can hear angels on the airwaves.

Can I master this art of dying?

Please someone pierce this veil across my face 

and help me reach nirvana,

because I don’t want to be a black veiled bride.

Please bring me to the horizon because

I don’t wanna sleep with the sirens.

Give me 5 seconds of summer 

and send me to the moon in a rocket,

so I can have 30 seconds on Mars

Because I like to imagine dragons exist.

That there’s more than a simple plan.

So you can meet me at six,

and show me the card that is yellow.

But Jimmy ate the world,

and we’re all killers now.

Because I broke Benjamin,

and this will all just be a day to remember.

It’ll be the story of the year,

because being cute is the only thing people aim for.

And the days are no longer green,

and the years are no longer honest.

Because the life in our houses is gone,

and we’re all just lost prophets of a matchbook romance.

The chemistry in romance is gone,

And our souls only give empty smiles.

Boys used to like girls,

but now it’s all gone in a different direction.

It was creed that everyone bowled for soup,

and weekends with allstars aren’t alive anymore.

But our senses have failed,

And we don’t rise against the roaches.

I wish I had 3 days of grace,

so I could take back Sunday,

and no longer be trapt for 10 years.

So I could avenge the seven that folded.

Because we are kings that walk off the earth,

and we are forever.


What does it mean whouffaldi is dead? Don’t ship it if you don’t want to.

jesus christ I don’t understand why some people is against this ship so much. And it’s been months. There are endless ships on Doctor Who fandom, you can ship everyone with everything.. so why this ship bothers you? It’s the age thing, isn’t it? It’s so sad guys…if in real life wallking down the street you see a young girl with an older man what would you think? Let me answer for you: “Ohw that’s awful they can’t be in love”. You know what’s awful? That some people still don’t know (or don’t want to know) that love goes BEYOND any physical appearance.

With that I just want to say..don’t hate something you don’t want to understand, please.
If you don’t want to ship whouffaldi that’s fine… but IT’S NOT DEAD.

Sorry I usually ignore hate but this time I couldn’t.
Have a nice day.