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Minimal American Made Wallet

Having a good wallet is an essential part to every gentleman’s day, something that is slim fitting is important whilst adding a little character to your overall look. Considering how much a wallet is pulled out and used everyday having something that is both stylish and durable is a must.

Leather experts Shinola sent us their Leather Bifold Wallet, confident that they produce one of the best American Made Leather Wallets they asked us to give our opinion.

Handcrafted from premium, vegetable-tanned leather and marked with raw-cut edges, the Bifold remains classic and minimal. The wallet looks and feels lightweight, designed for a modern man adapted to a predominately card and a little cash lifestyle. The Bifold is not trying to have a ‘slot for every occasion and card’, the minimal exterior is mirrored inside leaving limited card slots and no designated space to store any coins.

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