Last part of my “designer collection”; it’s actually more a picture of all mulberry items I own. 

 -Joy xx 

-Daria Satchel in Black

 -Tessie Satchel in Oxblood 

-Bayswater in Pink 

-Bikini Black Textured Swim Jersey 

-Chain Bracelet in Black 

-Continental Wallet in Black 

 (And what I’ve shown before): 

-Blossom iPhone 5 Cover in Mandarin Call Nappa 

-Double Tiger Motif Jumper



I got a new planner! I’m in love with it! It’s a wallet that is used as a notebook/diary/planner! It’s crazy! It’s called “coordination mondo” (black coordination), I recommend it to every student, the planner itself make you WANT to write in it!

It’s perfection in all ways

Deadpool approved*

*the approval of spideypool is only implied canonically and is not fully confirmed nor denied. Do not use spideypool before operating heavily machinery as feels may occur. Other symptoms of spideypool is feels, happiness, arousal by reading, tears, sadness, giddiness, fluff, angst, nausea of the feels and in rare cases, canonical death of character. Please talk to your fellow shippers before starting spideypool to see which fic or art is right for you.