I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!

OTGW/ Adelaide thoughts

It surprises me how rarely I see people talking about Adelaide of the Pasture- and even more surprising, I haven’t seen a single person talking about Adelaide and the Moirai

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Moirai (in Greek mythology) also known as ‘The Three Fates’ are the personification of destiny. Clotho would spin the thread of someones life at birth, ‘Lachesis’ would measure it shortly after and determine the course and length of it, and Atropos would determine the cause of death, and cut the thread 

I immediately thought of Atropos when I first saw Adelaide, with her scissors, and with the yarn that she used to tangle up Wirt and Greg she seemed slightly reminiscent of Clotho and Lachesis as well

People have talked about the tapestry in Adelaide’s home, which depicts three figures. And since we know that Adelaide is Auntie Whispers’ sister, people propose the possibility of a third sister (perhaps the Queen of Cloud City- as one user suggested) 

I can’t directly compare Auntie Whispers to any one of the three Moirai (and she obviously harkens to the Dead-bell), but look at the figures in the tapestry in Adelaide’s home, and compare them to this 16th century Tapestry of the Three Fates- a floral background and the red/blue/yellow color schemes for each one

I just can’t imagine that to be a coincidence, and I feel that Adelaide must be a reference to Atropos

anyways, anyone want to give input?