the volunteers part 1:

starseeds lived many millenniums as humans, eventually almost forgetting, their unique, extraterrestrial beginnings. For countless centuries, the various off planet races brought their information, customs and traits to Earth. Some cloaked in authority and respect, brought the gifts of justice and wise rule. Others, lively and orderly, brought mystery and activity. The loving off planet races were joyously kind, and brought forth the gifts of happy, family life, abundance and spontaneity. And some special beings who existed as angels in the open spaces, brought spiritual sensitivity and unconditional love. Now it is the time for the gentle starseeds to bring their gifts to the people of Earth. To steer Earth in a new direction of Love and Light. To end the old reigns which mistakenly, turned to power and fear, as a way of solving the problems of Terrans. In the latter quarter of the twentieth century, millions of volunteers flocked to Earth, incarnating as human , being raised in all their cosmic power to become - “the Starseeds.”

These sensitive and gentle beings, found the harsh vibration of Earth, difficult to comprehend and bear. Like all new babies, as they were born, the divine veil of amnesia, was placed upon their minds - they forgot that they were from a more advanced and loving race with extra normal powers, they believed that they were purely human, in a limited body and mind. Yet, through their childhood and adolescence, they recognized that they were different! They thought differently to others. Their interests were contrary to those of their parents and friends. They created wonderfully, imaginative worlds within their minds, where life was so much more noble, inspiring and exciting. Still, they often felt very alone, confused and different. They ‘saw through’ the absurdities of third dimensional life, in the 20th century. They didn’t need things, to make their lives special. A new car, a large house, the best job, power, fame, money - all these tools for life, seemed unimportant and childish. Restrictions by society, governments and laws, seemed overwhelming. Wars - senseless, and disputes and arguments - immature. They knew deep within themselves, that they were here for something special, something unique - they had incarnated for a higher purpose! Many sadly, never found that divine purpose and instead turned to drugs and dangerous behaviour, as a way to deaden the harsh vibration of Earth. Numerous young men and women, prematurely exited their confused lives, returning once again to the higher realms, rather than remain on Earth, unawakened spiritually.

Others began to search for a higher meaning to life, exploring new and ancient philosophies, meeting with wise men and women and slowly awakening their dormant, psychic abilities. Often, they would have amazing insights into others lives; predict the future through dreams and hunches; see ghosts and feel energy raise up in their bodies. They began to suspect that they were not as limited, as they had formerly believed.