Now that the winds have kicked up violently and Winter Storm Linus has seemingly turned into Winter Storm Lucy, I guess I’ll see how long I can last walking around outside with my camera.

Elevator, elevator
take me home

Beth Greene Appreciation Week 

↳ Day 1 Favorite Episode: 18 Miles Out

"Beth has made her choice: she wants to live and now she knows it.”

owen pallett | fantasy (mariah carey cover) | lee’s palace, toronto (15/01/31)

Music I've been Loving ⚓️

Just a few songs I’ve been obsessed with over the last month 💕

Anna Sun- Walk the Moon
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”- Fall Out Boy
Part II- Paramore
Disconnected- 5 Seconds of Summer
Fat Lip- Sum 41
Stockholm Syndrome- One Direction
Partition- Beyonce
Migrane- Twenty One Pilots
Back to the Shack- Weezer
Bonnie and Clyde ‘03- Jay Z and Beyonce
Hate to See Your Heart Break- Paramore
18- One Direction

//I really hope that Frozen Fever doesn’t go the same way as Tangled Ever After, and give us two minutes of the human characters being cute followed by five minutes of Olaf and Sven running around Arendelle.

I was challenged by Sarah to post a song I love for every letter of name.

And I really love music but I have a short name so I’ll be doing first and middle. Yay!

Cannibal Queen - Miniature Tigers

Leather Jacket - Arkells

Afterthoughts - The Tragic Thrills

Resistance - Muse

And So It Goes - Billy Joel

Jenny - Walk The Moon 

On the Street Where You Live - From the Play “My Fair Lady”, sung by Bill Shirely

My Freeze Ray - From “Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”, sung by Neil Patrick Harris

A Part of Me - Neck Deep

Rat a Tat - Fall Out Boy

I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco

Every Day I Love You Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs

I tag: freshpaperandaniceexpensivepen because I feel like you’d have good taste. Have at it!

i was out with a few friends tonight just hanging out at the shopping center thingy, and one of my friends had walked out of a store as a joke so me and my second friend ran out after him and then once we found him, i was laughing then turned and went back inside to get my third friend. well after i walked back in my other two friends followed me and were laughing and were like, “did you hear what that guy said?”

apparently there was a guy who had left his group of friends and was walking over to talk to me but i hadn’t noticed so i turned and walked away right before he got over and so he was like “oh, i guess she’s taken” and went back to his friends

i was going to get hit on and avoided it without even realizing