Don’t you just love it when people call out your name while you have your headphones listening to some music or anything else? Yes, please yell at me and get angry when i don’t respond because obviously my attention is somewhere else. 

Even more so when they say something like “Why didn’t you come here when I called your name?”  ”I was listening to music with my headphones.” “Take them out next time.”  

when i was 15 i had to go to the emergency room for my arm and they needed to x-ray it, and i had to take my shirt off, with the nurse being there. so i started crying because i felt so insecure & she looked at me heartbroken and asked if she could just hug me. but right before she hugged me she noticed my scars and she kept saying over and over how loved and beautiful i was. and yep. that is my story of the time i had a heartfelt bonding moment with a random lady in the x-ray room of a hospital

Someone is getting lost in his thoughts once again

                                          “… all the clocks in the city
                                           Began to whirr and chime:
                                         ‘O let not Time deceive you,
                                          You cannot conquer Time.”

                                                      - W.H.Auden


Dropkick Murphys | “Walk Away”

Yeah you fell in love
And you went and got married
Had yourself a family
How simple life can be
Somewhere it all went wrong
And your plan just fell apart
And you ain’t got the heart
to finish what you started

[Twisted to a Fault Chapter 36 — banner by mrshobbes]

Lexi continues to make me lovely banners for each of the chapters. She’s complied them all for us. Please take a look! They are fabulous and she continues to be amazing!

Twisted to a Fault Master List

Chapter 36: 2008 words


Hyo-Shin let her roll down the windows so she could pretend she was on Young-Do’s motorcycle. The summer air was hot and belied the end of the season. She wondered when the cold would snap through the trees and everything would start to die.

They didn’t talk much as he sped through the loop that surrounded the city. She enjoyed the silence as she put her hand out the window to feel the wind. It was an hour she needed to pretend that awful things weren’t waiting for her back in Seoul.

Rachel kept her phone tightly clenched in her hand. If Young-Do was an idiot and he called her, she didn’t want to miss it. She also didn’t have the luxury of ignoring Mother if she called and it was only a matter of time before she was chastised for striking Kim Bo-Ah.

“I can’t believe you skipped your favorite class.” Rachel pulled her hand back into the car and rolled up the window. She reached down into her purse and pulled out her compact so she could assess the damages and at least start to pull herself together after her embarrassing breakdown.

“I can make it up. There is an extra lecture this weekend. If you’re not busy you should come with me. We’re watching classic movies and there will be a discussion afterwards. It’s taught by the professor I recommended. You could introduce yourself.” She bit her lower lip as caught him smiling at her out of the corner of her eye. “There will be food.”

“Young-Do is supposed to be back by then,” she said. “He’s out of town this week but he…” How on earth was she supposed to survive two years with minimal contact if she couldn’t handle one bad morning without him?

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unpopular opinion time. i’ve been seeing this post floating around like “if i’m following and reblogging stuff from someone who’s upset you, please tell me so i can unfollow them”  okay, i understand wanting to please your friends, but people shouldn’t be able to dictate who somebody follows solely on if they dislike them or not. this is coming from someone who’s been in this situation twice now, where someone has made me feel guilty and bad for being friends with someone they’re not. it’s not fair. nobody should have to pick and choose their friends because people can’t act like adults. if you dislike someone, use block and blacklist. don’t force other people into unfollowing them or not associating with them because you don’t like them. i see people i don’t like every single day online and offline, but at least you can block and blacklist on the internet. it’s not fair, don’t drag other people into your drama. there’s no need.