“To Daryl, we are still here. We are both here for Beth. It might feel like we’re not the people we were, but there are parts of [who we were] that simply can’t be destroyed.” -Scott M. Gimple


The truly frightening thing, is that even after everything had happened, Jordan Catalano left a note in my locker to meet him in the boiler room. The nauseating part is that I went.

today i wore my black bra bc i was planning on wearing my black shirt to work and then i ended up running late so i didnt have time to look for my othershirt so i had to wear my white shirt thats really thin and i was like lmao it probs wont be that noticeable so i get to work and literally not 10 minutes into my shift i was in the back and my coworker whos a guy was like “emily are you aware that you can fully see all of your bra under your shirt” and i was like FUCK this is worse than i thought but i just owned it i was like “ppl are just gonna have to see my bra today i guess” but damn i was like….why this gotta happen

this kid that I used to go to church with when we were younger always told me how great Naruto was and that I just had to watch it, but now he’s all grown up and is a preacher and he even preached to my church the other day and all I can think of is that this baptist preacher told me to watch a show where two dudes kiss

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Is there a typo in the Shaun imagine, or is he supposed to ''rip his shit off ''? :D:D:D

Uh… Hmmm… You mean here:

^^^^ That right up there? I meant to do that… Ripping it off as in he ‘yanked,’ ‘jerked,’ or ‘pulled roughly.’ Or was there something else? Because I hate typos! Let me know! I’d love to fix it! :D