, if you taylorismycure13 (Ashleigh) -Section 105, Row 12 Seats 17-18

malika4 (Jackie)-Section F16, Row 7, Seat 11

enchantedly-swift (Courtni) Section 108 Row 33, Seat 5

swonas(Maggie)-Section F14,Row, 26, Seats 5-6

0ut0fstyle (Shannon)-Section F14, Row 26, Seats 5-6 (Going with Maggie)

gotsbadblood (Kameron) Section M14 Row 5, Seats 9-10

kyraabxoxo (Kyra) Section 102, Row 13, Seats 7-8

sadhungrytragic (Sam) Section F6 Row 12 Seats 13,14,15

truthinyoureyes (Xanthe) Section 138, Row 19, Seat 11 

sweetlikeswift (Allie) Section 12, Row 26, Seats 18-19

@lovefearlessly13-(Kristi) B-Stage Pit

i-walked-out-setting-you-free (Jenna)  Section 201, Row 26 Seat 15

in–screaming-color (Abby) Section 106 Row 6 Seat 11

paramuswriter (Morgan) Section 202 Row 20 Seat 1

missbunnyz (Tyler) Section 202, Row 23 Seats 13-14

So here is the list of the Sunshine Squad

Hey taylorswift! We call ourselves the Sunshine Squad and can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks! Myself (Ashleigh) and the girls would be eternally grateful if you picked us for Loft 89. We all love you so much! If you could, please make our dreams come true! :)

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bingbong21 asked:

So in your opinion, is Kishimoto's reasoning on why Sasuke left for an undetermined amount of time (Cuz no one really knows when that meeting happened apparently) slightly making up for the drama llama known as Gaiden? Cuz my opinion is that no, I'm still wounded by it.

Let me put it this way, I find it easier to get through gaiden if I just appreciate the art and ignore the story.

I stand by my previous statements.

Did I expect Sasuke to be a docile househusband once he came back and got with Sakura? No, but this is too much in the other direction.

I’m frustrated with the story and frustrated with the fandom, and they’ve both been sort of pushing me away. People get all up in arms and equate criticism of the story with criticism of Sasuke, and I’m tired of explaining that that’s not the case.

So no, that reason is still not good enough for me, and I’m not going to apologize for feeling that way.

I play video games and read and watch things too much and my eyes get strained and I get ugly red spots and whatnot and the only solution is to rest your eyes

like.w w hat the fuck am i supposed to do that doesn’t involve looking at things. sleep? i already do hours of that i don’t fucking understand

Er, can someone help me out with remedies for a burned throat? I’ve tried everything and I’m desperate

Hundreds of students from Norman High School in Oklahoma walked out of class on Monday morning to protest their school’s handling of three alleged rape cases. The protest is in response to allegations from a 16-year-old who said she was raped and subsequently bullied when she tried to return to school. After the girl made her accusations public, two other girls came forward and said they were raped by the same student. The 18-year-old suspected of the assaults has been suspended for the year, but the three girls have not returned to the school.

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