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What it would be if Misaki/Saruhiko because of some strange strain's power feels horrible pain when they aren't near each other? (for example they are in different rooms and they feel like "Da fuck I'm going to die here" and they must be really close and then pain stops xD)

Once they figure out that they have to be near each other in order to not be in pain, I imagine there is a lot of arguing over whose fault this whole thing is (“This is what happens when you get in my way, Misaki. I would’ve caught that Strain fine without you interfering.” “Me? You’re the one who stopped doing his job just to come bug me.” “Tch. You shouldn’t have been in the way of an official investigation to begin with. We had the area blocked off for a reason, moron.” “The hell I’d let you stupid Blues tell me what I can and can’t do!” “I guess it’s pointless trying to explain official business to a useless thug, huh?” “Who are you calling a thug, bureaucrat? Anyway, you’re the one who pissed that Strain off anyway.” “Don’t pin this on me, Misaki. You attacked him before I did.” “Only because he was about to get the jump on you! You should be thanking me.” “I knew exactly where he was. Don;t lump me in with unobservant idiots like you.” “Oh yeah? Maybe the only reason that Strain used his power on us was because you were so fucking annoying that he wanted to get you out of the way.” “Loudmouth idiots don’t get to call other people annoying.” Imagine this continues for a good twenty minutes at least). Then they get into another argument about what to do next, since Fushimi wants to go back to Scepter 4 to research what’s going on and see if they’ve caught the Strain yet and Yata’s like “The fuck I’m going there let’s go back to Homra, we’ll track this guy down while you Blues are busy sitting at your fancy-ass computers doing nothing.” Fushimi’s definitely not going to do that, more arguing, at some point they probably try to walk away from each other and the pain hits and they’re stuck sitting back down next to each other like “Well, fuck.”

So eventually their respective clans notice that the two of them are missing and Fushimi gets a call from Awashima while Yata gets a call from Kusanagi and they both give their own special accounts to their respective bosses (“Yes, I’ve figured out what the Strain’s power is. I’ll be back at headquarters as soon as I can get rid of some useless excess baggage I’ve been saddled with.” “Yo, Kusanagi-san! Yeah, I got hit by some weird Strain power and now I’m stuck with the stupid monkey – hey! Who the hell are you calling ‘excess baggage,’ asshole?”). Luckily Kusanagi and Awashima are adults so they decide to work together to find a solution to all this and both clans are sent out to find the Strain. In the meantime Fushimi and Yata are sent to neutral ground (maybe a park or a cafe, or a nice small closet) and told to stay together. They continue to be unhappy about it. Fushimi probably plays with his PDA a lot, trying to ignore Yata’s presence. Yata gets annoyed with that pretty quickly. At some point I imagine he calls Kamamoto or someone just so he can complain very loudly about the rude jerk he’s stuck with until Kusanagi orders Kamamoto to get off the phone and tell Yata to deal with it. At some point Yata can’t take it anymore and starts trying to get Fushimi to tell him why he left and Fushimi deflects. Yata starts muttering about this kinda reminds him of when they were in middle school, just hanging out togther the two of them, and Fushimi sits there silently staring at his PDA. Then maybe Yata misremembers something and Fushimi very quietly corrects him and Yata’s head just shoots up, all hopeful, but Fushimi’s still staring away at his PDA. It basically continues like that, Yata reminiscing, Fushimi trying to act like he’s not listening when he totally is. Eventually the Strain is caught and they can separate again and Yata’s like “Well, I guess that wasn’t a totally terrible experience, see you later stupid monkey” and Fushimi just kinda grunts his reply but he stares after Yata for a long time, not saying a word.


took some trekking around to find them but i did!

they don’t have names, and we don’t talk often enough for me to even try giving them names. haha, well i say talk but they don’t speak any human language, just their own. they understand perfectly well, just can’t always express what they want to say.

my favorite is the elk, if i’m being honest. he doesn’t mind me and sometimes i perch on his antlers. he’s the closest thing to some of those ancient giant deer left in my forest, about ten feet tall without the antlers. he’s also so tall his antlers are always catching on tree branches. instead of a yearly antler shedding he sheds his leaves. the wooden antlers are always growing, sometimes they snap or break but they always grow back again. he tolerates me well enough, when he bugles his voice is loud enough to rival mine haha~ if you ever hear terrifying screechy screaming sounds during the day, it’s probably him.

the bear is.. she doesn’t like me much, not much of a sense of humor. i have been swiped at several times. never hit, i’m too fast and her eyesight is either nonexistent or extremely poor. the mushroom mycellium are everywhere, she’s probably more mushroom than bear at this point, you can see some of it in and around her eyes, and when she opens her mouth. she’s about six feet tall on all fours, taller than me if she stands up. the mushrooms are always growing and receding, all different kinds. i like when she fruits with the colorful sorts, they’re fun to look at. all of her plants are year-round sorts, but sometimes they do die and rot off, only for something new to pop up in its place.


make the most of never-never, i know this time is borrowed
scared to love, wasted knowledge, gift to the grave

a mix for just hitori bc most of the mixes in his tag were shippy wtf. 99% fucked 90′s electronica indie, 1% interpol. the art is by the lovely moa810 herself !

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The time has come,“ the Walrus said,
"To talk of many thing:
Of movement–and exercise–and things that end with k’s–
Of challenges–and working out–
And what we want to achieve–
And whether to commit with cheer”

(Look I got all whimsy, but lord knows this is not a piece of art…lol)

June, will be the 5th month of monthly challenges! Can we take a minute, and marvel at the fact that it is June already! Like what happened?

This month’s challenge is completely different! So, pay attention as to what it is about, and what you need to do in order to enter.

I have decided to host a 5K/10K/15K/20k race!

Quick Info:

There will be an opportunity to participate in two races this month.

  • First from 1st-15th
  • Second from 16th-31st

If you would like to be a apart of this month’s challenge please like, reblog, or comment to this post and you will be considered entered for the challenge.



When you sign up you need to let me know:

  1. Your age/gender
  2. If you want to participate in both weeks
  3. Which distance(s) you want to participate in (for each week if you’re doing both)

During the dates given above you have that time to run, walk, or jog your own selected distance.


Side Note: Let’s say on the 2nd you finish a 5K in one hour, but feel you can do better. Guess what you literally have till the 15th to do as many 5K’s that you want. No limitation. Your best time, is your best turn in.

As always, I will be giving away prizes - because that is who I am! Ranking will be broken up between race distance, and age groups (possibly gender depending on if we get any males involved).

Please keep in mind this is a healthy competition to stay motivated throughout the year with working out. Please do not try and do more than your body is capable of doing, just to win. Stay comfortable, and be healthy about it.


“Gimme the pills.”

“No! These are my pills!” 

“Listen to me, you little weasel! Now, you broke my car trying to run out on me, so now you owe me. Give ‘em to me! Gimme–”


“The god-”


“-damn. Pills. Thank you.”

Hundreds of students from Norman High School in Oklahoma walked out of class on Monday morning to protest their school’s handling of three alleged rape cases. The protest is in response to allegations from a 16-year-old who said she was raped and subsequently bullied when she tried to return to school. After the girl made her accusations public, two other girls came forward and said they were raped by the same student. The 18-year-old suspected of the assaults has been suspended for the year, but the three girls have not returned to the school.

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