Molly the corgi was playing in her fenced-in yard in Bellingham, WA when a neighbor, annoyed by the barking of a different dog in the neighborhood, walked out and shot her. Molly was killed in the incident. Molly’s family is understandably heartbroken, and has taken the man responsible, a banker named David Latham, to court. You can help them out and keep abreast of the situation on their Facebook page.

It was raining that day…the whole police force stood around Rae. The mass of black umbrellas just felt like a representation of the empty space in her heart. The water dripped off the casket, alike the tears that streamed down her cheeks. She shut her eyes tightly as the memories kept flashing through her mind. Everyone told her that it wasn’t her fault but how could she ever accept the fact that she just wasn’t strong enough to be the rock for him that he was for her.

They were all out on an outing in the mountains protecting the Prime minister while he was on vacation. Rae was invited since everyone enjoyed the chief’s wife as good company. They were all on a walk when the shot fired out, Daichi had rolled in the way of the Prime minister attempting to shield him. Panic ensued as there were only a few on guard out where they were. Rae didn’t know what to do when she saw Daichi near the edge of the path they were walking. His pained expression from the gunshot furrowed on his face, he looked at Rae as she began to move towards him. “No Rae! You need to stay back! You could get hurt too!” he yelled at her, then a second shot rang out, he fell backwards as he stumbled toward the edge of the side of the path. Rae dashed out towards him and jumped grabbing his hand.

There Daichi was hanging off the side of the hill, with only jagged rocks that were several feet below him. Rae had both of her hands wrapped around his. Her face strained as she struggled to hold him where he was. Daichi did his best to smile, trying to fight back the tears as he gazed up into his wife’s eyes. “Well…at least I could thank you Rae,” he reached up to touch her face and his footing was flattering. “Thank me for what? You’re going to make it Daichi! I’m not letting go of you! Someone will come…please…you can’t leave me…” Those words were what caused the warm tear to roll down the man’s face. “You know I would never leave you if I had the choice my sweet princess - nothing is a better honor knowing that I did this to make sure you were out of harms way…” Rae’s arms shook knowing she couldn’t be able to hold him up much longer. The tears erupted and she couldn’t stop sobbing,”I don’t know what I’m going to do by myself…” 

He smiled up at her,”I’ve never met a stronger more beautiful woman than yourself Rae, please, live for me…I love you.” he then let go of her as he fell into the depths below. 


You tried | Sorta sad | I teared up for a second | Sobbing | MY SOUL IS IN PAIN

It almost got me, but then it reminded me of the scene in the Lion King when Scar throws Mufasa off the cliff into the wildebeest. Nice story though. 

Sky Dance ~ - I took this picture on February 9, 2013 at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area in Utah on Bald Eagle Day! I thought it was such a great day even with very poor weather conditions resulting in poor lighting, I was still able to capture some amazing images! This is one of a Red Tail Hawk who was going from light pole to light pole, and I was just walking along taking shots. This one I really like a lot … hope you do too! - by shannadennis

Ok so i actually watched the trailer for The Affair, since as I mentioned the show is gonna be doing some filming at my grandpa’s house in long island

and I’m 99% sure that I’ve been to that exact beach that they’re walking on in the nighttime shots because it’s literally like two yards away from the house. And assuming that it is that beach, i really hope they weren’t walking barefoot because there is no sand, just rocks, and it suuuucks.

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Swan Queen - roommates au, please

*Casually pretends this hasn’t been sitting in my ask for forever and a day.* Thank you!

Anyone would be able to tell the sides of the room apart with a single glance. One half was immaculate and meticulously organized down to the papers stacked on the desk. The other was in a constant state of organized chaos. There were books and papers scattered across the desk, granola bars and half-full juice bottles on the nightstand, and clothes stacked on the bed. 

Yet it was on the messy, disorganized bed that Regina was sitting on when Emma walked in.

The brunette shot up and dropped the book she was reading on the comforter, her glasses going crooked on her face with the motion. “Emma! I thought you were going home for the weekend.”

"I was, but apparently my baby brother’s sick so I’m gonig next weekend instead. What are you doing?"

"Your side of the room is warmer," Regina said a little too quickly. Emma instantly knew it was a lie, but she decided against commenting.

Regina started to get up, but the blonde just shook her head. “You look comfy.” She kicked off her boots, dropped her bag next to the desk, and sat down on the bed next to the brunette. “You can keep reading. I don’t mind. What’s the book called?”

Up until this point, Regina had been a little stiff, but when Emma stretched out next to her, she relaxed. “The House of Mirth. It’s one of my favorites.”

"I’ve never read it."

"Want me to read out loud?"

"No, that’s okay."

"You’re letting me hog your bed. The least I can do is read to you. If you want, that is."

"Alright, sure."

Regina opened to the beginning of the book and snuggled deeper into the pillows. Emma smiled as she began to read, “Selden paused in surprise. In the afternoon rush of the Grand Central Station his eyes had been refreshed by the sight of Miss Lily Bart.”


This summer I realized I’d accidentally amassed a small collection of photos I took of art (bonus nature photo), where my friend David wandered into the frame. Seriously he always walks into my shots.

I miss the days when somebody could just pull up to a crowd, pop the trunk, play some great music, and dance circles would form. Young men and women would show off their best moves. No real battles, just having a good time!

That’s Stevie O again, this time obscured by the guy that walked into my shot at the last minute. Stevie was one of the dopest dancers of that era. Image captured on #labordayweekend #1988 by @dtodd 📷 #photographerforcreativepeople #professional #dreamer & #dreamchaser

#greekfest #vabeach #virginia #the757 #757 #kwame #dance #hiphop #earlydays #youth #hiphopdance #nextplateau #hiphopphotography #imnotnewtothis #imtruetothis #bdkreference #iamstillhere #newyork #philly

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That moment when someone walks into your shot. #YogaSelfieProblems #DancingWithDC #InstaRunner #FitFam #ThatsReal #Yoga #InstaGood #Team3LF (at National Mall and Memorial Parks)

I went to docent meeting for new exhibition so excited to learn new exhibition. Walked passing I love that shot. When I kept walking under from building it was heatwave. Nice view from under hall. 😍❤️ #balboaparkmuseum

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Slow motion animation reference of a miniature donkey walking. The video is shot at 240 fps, about 10x slower than normal speed. Reference for animators and animation students. Please like and subscribe to see more content!