Money Trees

Hammering coins into trees is an ancient tradition in the north west part of the UK in Cumbria and the north of Wales in the village of Portmeirion. According to a research conduction completed by the BCC, this practice is said to date back to the early 18th century in Scotland. It was believed that if people hammered florins into trees, it would cure them of their sickness. 


1. Harry Potter -  Gloucester Katedrali , Gloucester, UK  
2. The Avengers -  New York, NY, ABD
3. Forrest Gump -  Monument Vadisi, Utah, 163 yolunda
4. Breaking Bad -  Twisters, Albuquerque, NM, ABD
5. Breaking Bad - Tohajiilee Kızıldereli bölgesi, New Mexico, ABD
6. Game of Thrones -  Tollymore Orman Parkı, Kuzey Irlanda 
7. Game of Thrones -  Ward Kalesi, Kuzey Irlanda 
8. Game of Thrones -  Larrybane Ocağı, Kuzey Irlanda
9. Doctor Who -  Dunraven Bay, Wales
10. The Walking Dead - Atlanta, GA, ABD