For Those Who Think RHONJ Is Boring...

There is plenty of fights.


When Danielle went psycho at Jacqueline and Teresa because they wouldn’t agree with her on her love-life issues.

When Danielle got mad at Joe Giudice for making a supposed “gay slur”

When Ashley had a major tantrum at a photoshoot because Jacqueline was making rude remarks.

When Joe called Teresa a bitch at a pool party.

When Teresa and Kim D. accused Melissa of lying about visiting her father-in-law at the hospital.

When Teresa told Jacqueline to stay out of her family drama at Melissa’s launch party.

When Teresa accused Jacqueline of ambushing her about her private life.

When Melissa and Joe Gorga confronted Kim D. about rumors she had been spreading.

When Teresa threw her water at Joe at the gym.

When Teresa and Rosie got into a screaming match at a bar.

When Teresa and Jacqueline got into a fight over the phone.

When Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice got into a brawl at the retreat.

When Jacqueline, Chris, Ashley’s father, Ashley’s step-mom got into an argument with Ashley over her attitude.

When Caroline called Teresa a disgrace in Napa.

When Joe called Teresa a cunt in Napa.

When Kathy and Teresa had a fight on the beach about Teresa’s children being unattended.

When Teresa got mad at Melissa for saying Joe would go to jail at the psychic party.

When Caroline and Danielle had a fight over Ashley’s charges.

When Danielle accused Kim G. of being disloyal.

When Kathy accused Teresa of leaving her children unattended.

When Dina left the show because of Danielle.

When Teresa chased Danielle around the country club and Ashley pulled her weave out.

When Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice got into a brawl at Antonia’s christening.

And finally…

When Teresa flipped the table.

Not to mention all four reunion shows which are filled with insults, accusations and screaming.

Holy crap. This show is overwhelming after doing this post.

The RHONJ Quotes Hall of Fame

"Prostitution whore!"
Teresa Giudice to Danielle

"Who is she? Is she god? No."
Teresa Giudice

"I don’t know whether she wants to be me or skin me and wear me like last years’ Versace"
Dina Manzo

"I sat at home alone with diarrhea for three weeks because of you."
Danielle Staub to Dina

"Pay attention, puh-lease!"
Danielle Staub to Teresa

"You fucking stupid bitch!"
Teresa Giudice to Danielle

"You’re fucking crazy, that’s what you are."
Dina Manzo to Danielle

"Is that better? Is ‘bitch’ better?"
Teresa Giudice to Danielle

"That’s a-fuckin-ough!"
Danielle Staub to Teresa

"You’ll be an old lady with your fake and square tits!"
Kim G. to Danielle

"Get the fuck outta’ here!"
Kim G. to Danielle

"You’re a clown."
Caroline Manzo to Danielle

"Is ‘BYE’ a threat?"
Danielle Staub

"You looked pathetic on the pole."
Teresa Giudice to Kim G.

"Thank you Jesus"
Melissa Gorga

"Bring it on, bitches. Bring it on."
Teresa Giudice

"I’m in a whirlwind of stupid."
Caroline Manzo

"Prove it bitch"
Teresa Giudice to Jacqueline

"I never said you were a stripper!"
Teresa Giudice to Melissa

"You and your Christmas pageant dress sit back and shut the fuck up."
Caroline Manzo to Teresa

"You have three rolls: blubber, blubber and blubber."
Teresa Giudice to Caroline

"What does ‘napalm’ mean? Spell it."
Lauren Manzo to Teresa

"You’re not a cooker, you’re a hooker."
Milania Giudice to Gia

"You and your hat shut up."
Caroline Manzo

"You old hag."
Teresa Giudice to Caroline

"And you’re green with envy."
Jacqueline Laurita to Teresa

"You and your botoxed, fake face!"
Teresa Giudice to Jacqueline

"You’re a midget!"
Kim D. to Joe Gorga

"Friggin’ jealousy!"
Teresa Giudice to Jacqueline

"You bum!"
Joe Gorga to Joe Giudice

"What? Beefusses?"
Joe Giudice

"It’s right up there on my priority list, with bleaching my asshole."
Jacqueline Laurita

"I’m going to give him a little brown-chicka-brown-chow."
Teresa Giudice

"I’m into older men."
Milania Giudice

"Go cook a book."
Joe Gorga to Teresa

"I was just worried about my nose-job."
Kathy Wakile

"Are you kidding me?"
Teresa Giudice (all seasons)

Joe Giudice (all seasons)

"How are youuuu?"
Kim G.