marakanda replied to your post “persianization answered to your post “Fun Language” I think you should…”

OMG LETS DO IT ALL. Learn Tukrmen together and I help you with Uzbek and you help me with Arabic!! ALSO, are you talking about Shughni like the Pamiri language? Can you send me sources for that too please :o?!

That would be awesome!

I have a source on Shughni (one poor English translation of what I think was a poor Russian translation of a Tajik book).

I also have an Etymological Dictionary of Wakhi and a book of Wakhan Stories for Children (in Russian) … There are also more Wakhi things in Russian out there but I haven’t gotten them yet cuz my Russian isn’t so great…

And I have stuff on Yaghnobi - a Russian book, a Dictionary (with English & Tajik), and a Grammar (which was some dude’s dissertation). Again, there’s more out there for Yaghnobi but it’s mostly in Russian.

I also have a bunch on Uyghur (I’m not going there yet, but you might be interested…)

WAKHI speakers needed 

so many different cultures and languages in PAKISTAN. but it is making film post production life difficult, if you speak wakhi and can help with translations, email us at and we will send you a couple of audio files 

photo: Wakhi/Pamirian shepherdess by Didar Ali

The Legends-Development & Changes [Book Review]

The Legends-Development & Changes [Book Review]

Reviewed by Abdul Ali

The book, ’The Legends’ penned by Mr. Nisar Karim; an energetic and young enthusiast school teacher is highly appreciable at a time when book reading is receding fast. Books which are rarity in rural setup and that of Wakhi milieus across mountainous borders; which history and culture have been verbal storytelling and herdsman ship. Name of the book “development and…

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