An Afghan Love Story is another movie that recently popped up in Amazon Prime Instant Video for free. Don’t be fooled by the title - it isn’t really a love story. Sure, there is some forbidden romance at the beginning but the rest of the story is intense, dramatic, and sad. Wajma is seduced by her boyfriend, and when she becomes pregnant, he abandons her. The film shows how her family - mother, grandmother, brother, and father - all react differently to her plight. Also don’t be fooled by the Amazon description “her father must decide between his culturally held right to uphold family honor and his devotion to his daughter.“ That is not really the plotline.

I don’t want to share too much and spoil the plot, but it isn’t exactly a happy movie. However, it is filmed very well and I can see why it was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival. I had never seen a movie set in Afghanistan about Afghanis, so it was extremely fascinating and eye-opening. The acting was very good and realistic. If Amazon continues to offer this for free, I would recommend watching it. If you are looking for a romantic film or a happy movie, this isn’t it - so you might not want to pay to watch it.