Summer 15/16 News (images from Marca)

The club will start their pre-season on July 10 at Valdebebas before traveling to Australia, China, and Germany. They will travel over 35,000 km and play two games in each country. Real Madrid are expected to pocket between €12-15 million this tour.

- Melbourne: July 18/24 - International Champions Cup [website | ticket waitlist]

- China: late July

- Munich: early August - Audi Cup (unconfirmed)

Crushes: A new way to think about Reach/Match/Safety schools.


You could say  that I’m a bit  biased when it comes to school classifications

So as to not beat a dead horse, today I’m going to explain how I feel about school application classifications in a context we all can understand: Crushes and Relationships.

The Lottery School: Your celebrity crush

They’re the dream, the ideal, the one everyone wants. You want it, maybe more than anyone else, but it’s just not realistic. You know it’s just a dream… but they’re so perfect.

Just like you probably won’t marry Benedict Cumberbatch, you probably won’t get into this school. It was a pipe dream, you know that, but you couldn’t help but try.

The Reach School: The Prom King/Queen or Your best friend’s hot older sibling

You know this one so well. Maybe you grew up idolizing them from afar. You know you don’t really have a chance, and you’d need crazy amounts of luck and skill to pull it off, but maybe-just maybe, you might succeed.

Just like this seemingly unattainable crush, someone is bound to get into a reach school. It might be you. But your chances are slim. You take a chance on this one, but you can’t really expect a positive outcome, or you might find yourself getting crushed.

The Match School: Your close friend who you have a thing for

They’re comfortable. They have everything you could possibly want. You have a feeling that they want you too. You haven’t pined after them for your whole life, but you’re excited about this anyway. They’re not the dream WOW everyone is so impressed thing, but every single person who hears about it goes “oh that makes a ton of sense.”

Just like this relationship, it’s the most likely outcome. It’s healthy, supportive, and will make you happy- it’s just not what you dreamed of.

The Safety School: The one in the friend-zone

They want you. They’ve made it very clear that they want you. But you’re ambivalent towards them. You’re going to keep the option open in case you need a fallback, but if you’ve played your cards right in other places, you hopefully won’t end up with them.

Just like someone you place in the friend-zone, you can’t turn down your safety school and need to have a fallback. You’re very nice to them, but they’re the absolute last choice.

Maybe these analogies will help get what my definitions of these schools are.
To me, a B student applying to all of the Ivies is like a normal small-town girl who thinks she’s going to marry one of the members of One Direction.
It’s just not going to happen.

My College Decisions

In chronological order…

University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences: Accepted

Plan II Honors: Accepted

Health Science Honors: Accepted

University of Florida: Accepted with Gator Nation Scholarship

Washington University: Waitlisted

Caltech: Waitlisted

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Rejected

University of Chicago: Waitlisted —> Rejected

Rice University: Accepted as Rice University Century Scholar and Trustee Distinguished Scholarship

Duke University: Accepted

Columbia: Accepted as John Jay Scholar, ATTENDING

Harvard: Deferred —> Waitlisted —> Rejected

Princeton: Rejected

Yale: Rejected

Stanford: Rejected

Monster University: will apply for graduate school in four years

Ohhhhhh Lordt Iesha, why you let Fantasia, put up the words on the sign again!???!!!! UGHHHH Guuurrrlll, she soo happy to have a job right about now, I guess this is just her special way of proclaiming it!!! Whhheeewww!!! It’s ok though, I can relate Kween, I got the same thing tattooed on my back door temple of praise, and HUN. TY. let me tell you, business has been booming every since!!!! #amen #waitlisted #liveyolife #nonequityshorthand #sounditoutfantasia #shehashadit #thriving #throbbing #submittedtohiswill #okaaayyy #ouch #everybodyaintable #canthost #tacobell #bottomsdayoff #makethataweek #thatsalsaverdewillgetcha #regret #furious (at She Has Had It)

Of course Blaine got into NYADA

I’ve seen people say that it’s ridiculous and unrealistic that Blaine got into NYADA while Jesse St. James and Elliot didn’t, but I find that to be completely untrue, especially from the point of view of an admissions officer and what kind of application lands on their table (narrative necessity to have certain characters around aside).

Jesse isn’t the brightest bulb, and iirc he had another student take his classes for him so he could participate in Glee club. That kind of academic breech would probably bar him from any major college, unfortunately, no matter how talented he was. (Then again Cassandra July drinks on the job and slept with one of her students so the ethics at NYADA is admittedly questionable)

We don’t know much about Elliot’s background. He goes to NYU which is a pretty darn good school so it’s not like he’s untalented or unqualified. Maybe he didn’t do as good as he liked at his NYADA audition. Maybe his year was exceptionally competitive and was just shy of getting in. Maybe the admissions officer didn’t think he was the right fit based on personal essay. There are so many easily explainable reasons, and it’s not like it’s unusual when applying to prestigious schools to get into one but not the other.

We know what Blaine’s college application is like though. Senior Class President. Valedictorian (or at least, the second highest GPA in his year). 27 clubs. Lead of the Dalton Academy Warblers, which seems to have the reputation of the high school equivalent of the Whiffenpoofs. Proficiency in piano and music theory. Blaine also has an extensive history of performance and competitions: summer theme park jobs, 1st and 2nd place in the National Show Choir Championships, two school musicals where he played the lead role in one, as well as placing in fencing and dressage going by the trophies in his bedroom. On top of that, we know that Kurt talked up Blaine to Carmen Tibedeaux to bolster his chances.

Only a ragingly incompetent admissions officer, and even then they would have to be high out of their minds, would look at his application and say, “Hmmm, this person does not have the work ethic or experience to be able to contribute positively to our school, neither is there the potential for him to be a successful alumni.”

Hell, if Blaine wanted to be a doctor, he could probably get into Johns Hopkins with that kind of application.


I got into the speech class I reeeeally wanted to get into! 

AND I did something wrong when I signed up for it, so I wasn’t even on the wait list!

AND the professor is really really really funny!

It’s a good day, you guys. A really good day.

Waitlisted Schizophrenia

I got waitlisted this weekend.

Being put on a school’s waitlist is about the most confusing thing in the world. Because no matter what you feel, it doesn’tfeelright. You get excited: heck, they’re considering you and you’re on the list and you could get a letter any day this summer having them tell you to sign up for classes - you’re in!

But that doesn’t feel quite right because it’s definitely not a guarantee. The odds of admission are different for every school and for every academic year. So there’s also the possibility that you take the glass-half-empty approach and all you can think is: “I didn’t get in.” Which is technically not true because there’s always the possibility that…

And see how it goes round and round in this sort of alternatingly encouraging and self-deprecating cycle of emotional turmoil? Being waitlisted is its very own emotion, I would say. It’s a whole process, and I feel like it - more or less - goes like this:

1. Cry. This one is entirely optional and given your state of mind when you find out, crying is a very real possibility.


2. Rage (also, an alternative to Step 1). Again, if you’re in the appropriate state of mind, you might need to go outside and let out a really primal scream in your driveway.


3. Wallow. Grace period of between 12-36 hours (after that it just gets patently unhealthy) wherein you convince yourself that you are a complete idiot and were stupid for applying in the first place. Or alternatively, you are convinced that your education has plateau’d and without the advantage of this school, you will never get to where you want to be in life.

4. Alternating patterns of denial (“I’ll hear from them, they’re bound to let me in, my application was rockin’”) and something akin to acceptance.


5. Make shit happen. Realize that instead of passively laying on your bedroom floor/kitchen table/neighbor’s lawn/best friend’s couch and waiting for the academic deities to take you from this world, it might be best to actuallydo something. Respond to the letter/email confirming that you want to stay on the school’s waitlist. Call the admissions office, tell them you got waitlisted but you still really love the school and want to come and take a tour. Or if it’s too far away, ask to speak to an admissions representative and ask some pertinent questions about the school. Make your interest known. The amount of stories I have heard of people having their waitlist turn to an acceptance after showing a proactive interest in the school is vast.

So suck it up and realize that you’re going to have to play nice and talk yourself up, and maybe kiss some butt.

I’m currently at Step 4 and at the beginning of the week I will take my own advice and call admissions to reassert my interest and I will ask for a tour. Because even though I live rather close to this school, I have never been and I really should if I want to go so bad.

Wish me luck. I shall keep y’all posted.

My mom jokes that college admissions officers use The Stair Test to pick applicants.

How to Do ‘The Stair Test’:

The admissions officers stand at the top of the stairs with applications in their hands.

Then they throw them down the stairs.

Whichever applications land at the bottom of the staircase, those kids get in.

Everyone else doesn’t.

Moral of the story: no matter where you’re applying, college admissions is a crap shoot of randomness. Getting rejected doesn’t mean you’re not a worthy candidate and wonderful human being. It just means some people can’t throw.

watsonette asked:

I've been waiting to hear if I got accepted for a little over 5 weeks.. And today I got an email asking me to "confirm my interest." I was wait listed once and it went back in progress.. apparently, I guess I'm still wait listed? I don't even know what's going on. I'm just really sad that Disney is so unorganized with their acceptance. Do you know anything about this? ):

Honestly, I don’t really know anything about it. =( Have you tried contacting Disney and asking them? That’s probably your best bet as far as finding out anything for sure. The whole “confirm your interest” thing does seem kind of strange, so…I’d say give them a call and ask what’s going on.

From what I’ve been hearing, the application process this semester has been extremely chaotic—you’re not the only one having problems. They just switched over to an all-new system for processing applications, and apparently they’re still working out the kinks. So, hopefully they won’t be as disorganized next time around. Not that that helps out anyone applying now, of course. You’d think they’d have things running more smoothly before the new system went live, but…oh well.

Good luck, and I hope you’re able to get things straightened out!

fordham again

I’m grateful I got waitlisted and not just rejected but I still feel ashamed when I have to explain to a family member who was confident I’d get in how I failed them and get horrible pangs of guilt when I look at the fordham tag and see post after post of cheering accepted students and their red folder pictures