waitingforrisingsun asked:

Fandom : Star Trek

Right, so you didn’t give me a specific show, so I’m just gonna do the whole franchise MUHAHAHAHAHA

Favourite Person: I can’t even choose, sometimes it’s Uhura, then Spock, then Kira Nerys, then Janeway and I don’t think I have one. 
Least Favourite Person: NO.
Prettiest Person: Kira Nerys
Most Beautiful Person: Beverly Crusher
Person I Want to Marry: Scotty
Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: Janeway
Favourite Pairing: Kira/Odo
Unpopular Opinion: I don’t really know what an unpopular opinion is in these fandoms, sooo….?

waitingforrisingsun asked:

yes FANTASTIC :D aside from rising sun, do you have any other favorite song ? or album ? or anything really i am just curious, i'm sorry

oh god this is hard because i have soooo many favorites. HUG is a definite fave tho. doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou, Forever Love, mideoyo are other ones i love a lot. and basically the whole TRI-ANGLE album. and pssh don’t apologize, i’m totally cool talking about them whenever~