Sburban Cooking

a brief note

Cooking in Sburb is something that, for the average Replayer, is superseded by the alimentator hack. The alimentator hack allows you scan food into .ali files, and then subsequently use and distribute those files to replicate the food. As we have a short but extremely rich culinary tradition, this means that, assuming you can wait the 15-30 minutes for a food file to download (the files are about as large as a ripped movie), you have any number of gourmet meals at your fingertips. The files don’t take long to actually come out of the alimentator - the longest one I know of takes maybe thirty seconds.

Because .ali files take a relatively long time to download, many Replayers keep their own private databases full of their favorites, or swap them “sneakernet”-style on flashdrives or using the in-session network.

So: if you’d rather just leave food as something that can be swapped like this (and explore the implications of at least this type of post-scarcity), you can go ahead and assume the alimentator hack already exists at the time that your Chuubo’s campaign begins.

However, it was actually invented a bit later than that - maybe five timestamps after - so if you’d rather play around with pre-Alimentator cooking, I’d suggest timelyTurnabout’s Sburb Cooking Guide.

It could even be the reward for someone’s Quest Miracle! (Which it probably was. But if you want to withhold it until a PC completes a 45-XP Bindings/Shepherd quest to invent it, that’s your prerogative as the HG.)

Go ahead and adjust the exact date of Alimentator Hack adoption to your game as desired.