So I just realized two of my favorite characters on different shows say some form of "wait for it" frequently

Barney on HIMYM.. “Legen - wait for it - DARY” is one example of Barney’s wait for it… He uses it when he’s talking and something he’s about to say is important and or “good.”  I use his “wait for it” quite frequently in my every day life.

Shawn on Psych… “waitforiiiiiit” is his version of the phrase.  He uses it when something’s about to happen that will “change the game.”  I use his “wait for it” quite frequently in my every day life too.  

This is meaningless… but it’s fun to point out

justamomentofclarity asked:

Hi, Where did you get that wonderful picture of Jules looking at the sonogram picture in the locker? Thanks!

The scene of Jules looking at the sonogram (x) is from season 3, Thicker than Blood. That’s Sophie’s :)

(tagged this because I’ve had several people asking me this. Our Jules has been wanting to have a baby for two seasons!)

justamomentofclarity asked:

Hey, I was reading an interview thing you were doing about Shules. As an obsessive Shules shipper I was wondering where you got this information (like what episode, mostly so I can go watch it) "who is the big spoon/little spoon: Juliet does not like to be touched in her sleep. Shawn once woke up with a gun to his head for that stunt." Thanks!

Uhm. Headcannon. I made it up. It’s straight from my head. Sorry.

Today’s episode of ‘Qubool Hai’ left me wondering if I should even bother  watching the show anymore. ‘Shashi Kapoor’ finally unveiled himself to be Waitforiiiiit……Misbah, yes Misbah *Eyeroll*…Yup, so that explains the sexually ambiguous, cringe-worthy “thinking voice” the show CV’s had first given ‘Shashi Kapoor’. Ewwww….Anyway, there goes my pity for Misbah..I was really hoping that she would be more of a grey character, her turn to negativity provoked by being left at the alter by Shaad and continuously insulted by Sanam. It would have been understandable and justified.At the same time, a really small part of me was actually hoping that she would be more like Rehan (Miss him :().She seemed to be so much like him when she so gracefully accepted Shaads  marriage to Sanam/Jannat and also when she offered to help Shaad make up with Sanam,   Instead they made a terrorist of her. And if the intention of the CVs was to induce intrigue among the show’s viewers, via all those fight moves, sleekness and unnecessary flair with  which they portrayed  Terrorist-y Misbah,  they fell seriously flat. I found myself rolling my eyes more than once,when she was reflecting on her back story, about how she killed Liaquat and got hold of this important file which turned out to be corrupted, as she sashayed in her leather jacket through the double doors into Shaad’s room to find his safe. She did look gorgeous though, in a feline sort of way. She is Billo Rani’s daughter after all. 

At the Nawab’s house, Nayi Sanam gets hold of the girl from the clinic and hypnotizes her into shooting herself in the head. It is then that Aahil (looking heart-breakingly handsome) finally realizes that something really is amiss with his second wife, when he sees her bloody footprints pointing backwards, as she walks away from clinic girl’s body. (Where did her claw go btw? It was starting to grow on me. Okay bad pun, I know. I’m SO jaded)  *Sigh*, I’m really getting tired of this black magic/witch plot line which is becoming prevalent in most Indian serials.

 It’s seriously getting old :/.