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sorry i'm not trying to be annoying but you're wrong. liam says "that's a load of trife" which means "something of little importance" in the oxford english dictionary, it's a UK slang word and he's referring to the obsession stuff but also to the larry question and louis backs this up with "it's better just to ignore shit like that" please, listen again with an open mind and see what you think?

Oh yes, I think you’re right about what Liam said (well, he said “trife,” I think, but he meant “tripe,” which unlike “trife,” is a word). Thanks!

Okay, so it’s actually:

Journalist: Just about the obsession of the fans, because I was watching this Channel 4 documentary, and it’s amazing, like, there was this girl who got braces just because of you, and some girls think that Harry and Louis have a relationship, and something like – it’s amazing the level of obsession. How do you guys deal with this level of obsession, you know?

Liam: To be honest, I think that’s why we wanted to make this movie, I mean, we all think the fans are amazing, and the amount and level of dedication that they show is just, you know, second to none, they’re the best fans in the world, so, I think that was a load of tripe.

Louis: It’s better just to ignore shit like that, and it’s easy for us to do it, so.

Niall: We’ll just bring out the one that really shows them off.

Which makes me MORE inclined to think, actually, that the “shit” Louis was referring to was the documentary. When I thought Liam was saying “a better try,” I thought he was saying that their own movie would be a better reflection on the fans than the documentary was. And thus I could understand the interpretation that says Louis’s answer was calling back to the journalist’s examples – the question wasn’t quite as attenuated, and Liam hadn’t rejected the very premise of the question quite as explicitly. But now that I know that Liam concluded his answer by calling the documentary bullshit? It makes all the more sense for Louis to have immediately followed up by saying, “yeah, we just ignore that kind of bullshit” – meaning the bullshit Liam was talking about one second earlier. (And less sense for Louis to have said, “no but actually some of our fans do in fact do some bullshit stuff.”)

I don’t understand what makes you think Liam was saying that shipping Larry is a load of tripe. His entire answer was a swerve. He rejected the very premise of the journalist’s question, which was basically, “How do you deal with crazy fans, as evidenced in this one documentary?” and essentially answered, “No, that documentary was bullshit, because our fans are awesome, so we’re making a movie that shows that our fans are the best in the world.” Your interpretation means that he was trying to say…what? “No, that documentary was bullshit, because our fans are awesome, so we’re making a movie that shows that our fans are the best in the world, but also the documentary was right on that one thing and some of our fans say some bullshit stuff actually”? I don’t get it. Either he rejected the premise of the question or he didn’t. There’s no rhetorical indication that he was doing both simultaneously.

Liam also clearly says something “was” a load of tripe – not “is.” He’s referring to a specific thing – something in the past. That would make no sense as applied to Larry shippers. It would make perfect sense as applied to a documentary that had recently been aired.

So when Liam said “load of tripe,” he was talking exclusively about the way other people talk about their fans. And I love him for it.

And I think that Louis was saying that it’s better to ignore it when people talk shit about 1D fans – and I love him for that too.

I sat down to draw, went to Pinterest to find a quick reference, and got lost for literally hours.  It’s so much worse than Tumblr as far as just losing hours of your day and not knowing what happened.  Where was the sun?  Did I eat today?  What time is it now?  I don’t know keep pinning these model sheets though and pictures of antique mirrors this is your life now.

Feeling tired and sad.. but hey i look pretty cute today so that’s something.

So anyway off to work and 3 hours of walking.. yay..


its one of those nights where i cant help but think about how overlooked i am by everyone and how much it sucks being the invisible person lol dont mind me

((Okay, my friends… you haven’t heard a lot of me lately. Actually… you haven’t heard anything because I seemed to be vanished. But no, I am still alive :) Gladly. Life is just really stressful lately. I am almost running from one course to another, being away from home for weeks. And there is also another big deal waiting for me when I am back from the next course, taking over another task of being in charge of another sixty men and women. And yes, that makes around one hundred after all. From June on I will be the boss of one hundred people. Ugh… Bit scared if I can handle that but… well… being Major now not longer Captain means more responsibility…
But well… don’t wanna bore you with my life story… I really missed being here even though I have to admit that I kinda lost my muse for a while. Might be due to all the stress and absence. But I think it’s coming back. Steve is back in town… :D

So that you know… I will be around a bit more, I hope, even though I am not promising anything. I just know that I will drop all the threads because they are pretty old and I know hardly how to continue them after such a long time. Buuuut that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna roleplay with you all anymore. I just need a cut and start new threads. The relationships and whatever will still be the same. Don’t wanna make a complete reset. Just… dropping old threads and starting new ones. 
Also there are a few new people around. A warm hello to you all. I hope I don’t scare you by being online for real, not just being another existent blog. I am open for anything so come and talk to me. All of you. I will be around a bit and lurk around here… changing this and that… and hoping to get back on a constant roleplaying with all of you.))

im gonna try to reply to things tomorrow ok 

now i am bed \o/

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Stop Messing with Me Spring!

Spring in Minnesota is like living with a toddler. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. It toys with my plans - I need a coat, nope, wait is that snow?

This past weekend I spent Saturday roasting at the baseball game lathering on the sunscreen. On Sunday it was 20* colder, rainy, and windy - and the skyway didn’t open till noon! Walking to breakfast without coats - good planning mom!

There is no way for me to keep up with all the change. I never have the right clothes on of the right outdoor gear with us. The children are horribly under dressed making me look like an idiot mom.

Honestly, I’d rather we just skipped spring and go right into the oppressive summer city heat. Wait, no, just take me back to winter.

heavy brain stuff update hola its venting time

ugh i was kind of terrified of seeing the psychiatrist since so far i thought hes kind of assholeish but turns out he might not be! everything went okay, he was very nice this time, even joked around a bit— and basically im on 3 different medication now??? for anxiety, then mood stabilizers so i dont go batshit on people for no reason yay and antidepressants. im hella proud of myself because i forced myself to mention EVERYTHING thats wrong, like from impulsive suicidal thoughts to derealization and loss of appetite and like !!!! i didnt think i would be able to do that !! though im kind of switching between “wait what if i was just over exaggerating” and “WAIT i still didnt tell the doctor everything theres still more take me back theres mORE!!!!”… 

but yeah thats it, im borderline w/ depressive features, currently in depressive episode, life is fun. im glad im getting treated finally becuase this was /a lot/.

Take me back to this place! 😭🌴 can’t wait for summer and our road trip from Vancouver all the way to Mexico! ☀️Hopefully Baja California has some good snorkel spots 😍🐠
🚙Any good tips on what to see and which cities to stop by on the west coast? 🇺🇸

if I could just avoid my family until General Conference is over, maybe I could survive dealing with my believes-Fox-news grandpa talking about the upcoming election

but I can’t

because it’s 2015 right now, not 2016, I have a year and four weeks of this ‘we love and support you, until it’s inconvenient’ double-talk “discussion” to sit through