After years I’m finally happy with my room. I’m done here.

Bilbo need bigger slippers; Thorin, you rock those shorts!


Feeling tired and sad.. but hey i look pretty cute today so that’s something.

So anyway off to work and 3 hours of walking.. yay..

hmc31400 asked:

I always wondered what the weirdest thing someone sold there soul for? I imagine a high hunter selling his soul for a candy bar or something.

Let’s see…

…I do recall a hunter who sold their soul because they wanted to find their glasses, which was in their pocket. I still made the deal, of course; people dumb enough to sell their bloody soul for their cheap prescriptions deserve whatever natural selection has in store for them.

You tore me apart, broke my fucking heart and took away all my stars

I’m waiting for the day, for you to say “please take me back, I’m not okay”

You and I… I thought we were another lullaby

—  2.50 am // I still love you and I fucking miss you

school was okay and the afternoon was nice and as soon as my dad came home everything got progressively worse from there,, but i felt better earlier so i guess there’s that

its one of those nights where i cant help but think about how overlooked i am by everyone and how much it sucks being the invisible person lol dont mind me

My trip to The Netherlands almost complete!

My trip in a nutshell is: Oulu, Finland (flight) Helsinki, Finland (flight) Riga, Latvia (flight) Amsterdam, The Netherlands (train) Eindhoven, The Netherlands (train) Amsterdam, The Netherlands (flight) Copenhagen, Denmark (flight) Helsinki, Finland (train) Oulu, Finland.
And these are of course the major trips, taxis / buses / trams excluded even though we’ve used them as well. =P

Now I’m waiting ~6h to get to the train which will take me back to Oulu (home) ^-^. Lot of time to probably program a bit and catch up with all the things that have happened during my time “offline”.

I’m reallllyyy happy I made this trip and I wish you all a nice day~ <3

Stop Messing with Me Spring!

Spring in Minnesota is like living with a toddler. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. It toys with my plans - I need a coat, nope, wait is that snow?

This past weekend I spent Saturday roasting at the baseball game lathering on the sunscreen. On Sunday it was 20* colder, rainy, and windy - and the skyway didn’t open till noon! Walking to breakfast without coats - good planning mom!

There is no way for me to keep up with all the change. I never have the right clothes on of the right outdoor gear with us. The children are horribly under dressed making me look like an idiot mom.

Honestly, I’d rather we just skipped spring and go right into the oppressive summer city heat. Wait, no, just take me back to winter.

As I sadly leave the pub and wait for the DLR to take me back to my sister’s for a snooze/some food that isn’t cider, excuse me while I now reblog half of Lou’s blog to get all the Mycroft pretty from the weekend so far most efficiently.

if I could just avoid my family until General Conference is over, maybe I could survive dealing with my believes-Fox-news grandpa talking about the upcoming election

but I can’t

because it’s 2015 right now, not 2016, I have a year and four weeks of this ‘we love and support you, until it’s inconvenient’ double-talk “discussion” to sit through