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send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

i can do both if you want but shrugs alright

  • oh god jack confirmed for either subjuggulator trash or the dude that made the fuckin game lets get real here
  • it’d be really cool if scarlett was a sea-dwelling purple blood that pretended to be a fuchsia blood?? i dunno
  • can jack please literally punch someone into next week i know this is technically a midnight crew thing but i don’t give a fuck that was The Best part of homestuck dont talk to me
  • my aesthetic is fuckin taking characters and giving them god tier titles shit um i know this is gonna look sloppy but here’s a few– jack: lord of hope, lilith: seer of breath, nisha: thief of blood???, roland: knight of light this is literally confirmed in canon have you played tiny tina’s assault on, angel: sylph of time?? life??? light???? this is too fun i’m gonna stop while i’m ahead

i know this wasn’t exactly 5 but that last one surely counts for like 2 i want to think of more screams

Stop Messing with Me Spring!

Spring in Minnesota is like living with a toddler. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. It toys with my plans - I need a coat, nope, wait is that snow?

This past weekend I spent Saturday roasting at the baseball game lathering on the sunscreen. On Sunday it was 20* colder, rainy, and windy - and the skyway didn’t open till noon! Walking to breakfast without coats - good planning mom!

There is no way for me to keep up with all the change. I never have the right clothes on of the right outdoor gear with us. The children are horribly under dressed making me look like an idiot mom.

Honestly, I’d rather we just skipped spring and go right into the oppressive summer city heat. Wait, no, just take me back to winter.




I had forgotten this joke and then recently remembered it and this resulted in my brain.


Like I don’t even know what’s going on here but it’s Alycia so it’s automatically awesome

Taken from this music video (x)


Wait for me.

I’ll wait for you.


when people compare the outsiders to one direction


Gap Dong


Thank you so much random-ship for the privilege to use your art! You are truly a blessing to the fandom and an exceptional artist! I cannot wait to send some of these out!!  


Warning: If seeing Anthony Rapp, all the Starkids, most of the LBD people, Hank Green, Tessa Netting, Lauren Fairweather, Amber Benson, and a host of other awesome people on stage together singing a “La Vie Boheme” Fandom parody, save yourself and scroll right past this video.


Fixin’ It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock (X)

Could you–Exc–I’m sorry. Shoot. That one was an antique. 

April is my favourite month. 

Although I have a dissertation deadline in under two weeks (plus a mountain of revision to get done), I definitely have a feeling that this April is going to be the best yet… I am 21 in 6 days! So, I’m currently working away on a Sir Gawain and the Green Knight medieval translation in a coffee shop (with an obligatory latte), waiting for a coach to take me back to Birmingham for a couple of days to celebrate with my family and friends. 

However, I am coming back to Cambridge to celebrate my actual 21st birthday (13th April), and I am thinking of doing a blog post about my celebrations to remind everyone that you can take time to celebrate and appreciate the really important moments in life; even during the busiest time in your academic calendar! 

An exciting week lies ahead, so I had better get back to Sir Gawain and his ‘trawþe’! 

This month’s desktop background is from: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/03/31/desktop-wallpaper-calendars-april-2015/ … I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! 

-Sarah xoxo