wafflebunburger asked:

whats the most requested and submitted pokemon? :O

This data would actually be fairly difficult to get because I lumped all of a Pokemon’s appearances together in one number. However, I can give you an unofficial, logical answer:

  • Snorlax is #1 with 56 uses; Charizard is #2 with 50; Wooper and Dwebble are #3 with 41 uses.
  • Snorlax, Wooper, and Dwebble all have one massive post that skyrocketed their uses; same with #4, Roggenrola.
  • Charizard does not have such a post.

Therefore, I believe it is safe to say that Charizard is the most requested Pokemon :P

I do not keep track of submissions and reblogs and such, so I have no idea on that data.